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Occasionally I would have a senior who talked more about me photographing their wedding day than the session we were currently shooting. I photograph weddings, seniors look at wedding photography, it makes sense. Often it doesn’t happen that way, though. Life moves on, people move states, they meet new photographers and create a bond with them. No harm, no foul. However, when I get the chance to watch these senior girls turn into dynamic women, and be involved in their lives… it’s an immense honor. I count it a double honor-blessing-joy to be present for their wedding, which has apparently been in the works since they were 16. 🙂  From the Bieber poses (mixtape dropping soon) to the laughter during the engagement session, I felt a sense of relief at what an amazing man Eryn chose to be her partner in life. They both chose well.

Having photographed two of the sisters’ weddings now, I feel like I have a good grasp of how special the family is, and how lucky Eryn and Michael are to have each other. I see so much on their faces every time they look at each other. What a joyful couple. What an emotional day. From senior, to engaged, to bride… Eryn’s wedding couldn’t be any more special to me.



A thousand thanks to my friend Daron for shooting with me, and thanks to Leftbank Annex for taking good care of us.

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    Time goes by so quickly. Seniors become brides. Brides become moms. Families grow. It is one of the great privileges of this job to grow with clients, and for clients to occasionally become friends. This isn’t always the case, but it’s a meaningful bond when it does, and it often lends itself to a wedding with lots of emotion on my part. Add to it a very emotionally deep couple, who are perfectly paired, equally sweet people and you get a day something like Kent and Kayla’s. That’s about all I need to do to set the stage for their wedding. You will not be able to resist her smile… don’t feel bad, no one can. 🙂

    Enjoy these two kids so clearly in love.

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    FYI – We didn’t write “death” on the wall… but we took the opportunity to make a visual wedding pun.

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    • Laura BoeshansWow! Amazing picture and beautiful couple! I love you Kent and Kayla!

    • Heidi Hanninen-JurvaBeautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

    • Tami Gadomski JenkinsBeautiful pictures – captures a very special day!

    • Bay RiddleAmazing pictures! Sooo pretty! 🙂

    • Laurie Waltonwow….amazing.

    • Donna Lovejoy RoperWonderful, wonderful! I knew they would be! Well done, Jay!

    • benj haischone of your best, man. your connection with them shows through so beautifully.

    • Kayla Roperim obsessed


    I started out shooting seniors because they showed interest. I didn’t realize how much I would love it. So this is my high-five valentine for all the seniors who shoot with me, past, present, and future. You have no idea how fun you make my job. I got a Formspring question recently, asking if I would do a senior post on my blog… that’s when I realized how long it had been. So, here’s to finishing out the 2012 school year, and to the 2013 seniors who are starting to make plans. You all rock.

    Be sure to click the link to see the full post, it’s a monster.

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    • ralph nardellSo many insanely good shots it’s hard to single them out. These are so great Jay, love the ballerina and guy pushing back the sun especially. The redheaded girl in the red dress, the football player, guitar player, etc – you captured each one in away they’ll love looking back on. Great stuff man.

    • daronholy moly

    • one young thingi LOVE the shots of the girl in the nude tunic button-down blouse and the one near the end in the jean blazer. and that’s just the beginning. they all look great!

    • BethYou never fail to wow the crap outta me. The creativity, color, originality, simplicity, variety, personality and pure awesomeness put forth in every image astounds me. Bravo Jay!

    • Jenny McCannThe red head in the water shots…WOW WOW WOW!!

    • Alberto Llamazaresabsolutely stunning!!!!

    • Karen ObristYou’re bringing great energy and such a killer look to senior photography- I would be stoked if I was any of these kids. Also, I enjoy it when you make people stand on really tall things, coming from a shortie. 🙂

    • Wyn Wileyjay, these are incredible. you are such a talent photographer. holy heck.

    • Jay Eadsthanks homie… 100% mutual.


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