APPROACH - I take a mostly photojournalistic approach at weddings. I want to stay out of the way and be as invisible as possible. Whether it is the getting ready, the ceremony, or reception, I am fairly hands-off, allowing for the day to flow naturally. I interact, and may make some suggestions about location or lighting, but I don't want to manufacture false moments, I want to document the ones that are happening. I want the perspective of the images to be similar to that of the people who attended the wedding, so it feels real.

I am much more hands on with portraits, whether it is with a model, senior, commercial client, or a couple on their wedding day. People usually need (or at least appreciate) the help. Confidence is one of the most alluring things about a great portrait, and it's my job to help people get there... even if they don't feel comfortable with the process.

RETOUCHING + EDITING - I don't mind using photoshop to remove blemishes that are here today and gone tomorrow, if necessary. I do not slim, bleach, stretch, remove scars and freckles, or change who you really are – you’re fantastic as-is. Simple color corrections with just a hint of a style is all I do. It should look good in the coming decades, so I try to ignore fads, especially the unrealistic ones. I'm all about a healthy self-image, rooted in reality.

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