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Hunter and Jeanene have been friends of mine for years. I have photographed them both more times than I can count, been in a fake hip-hop band with Hunter (truth), shared meals, and have done a lot of life together. Out of all of their wonderful qualities, humor is by far my favorite… it defines them in my mind. I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate their wedding than on New Years Eve, toasting in 2012 as their lives join to make an amazing something new out of what was already beautiful. With my boy as the show-stealing ring-bearer. Plus a pick up game of boys vs. girls basketball with the bridal party. Not to mention the robot, disco, the grocery cart, and air guitar in the first dance. Prepare yourself for a LOT of party… and a lot of my kids 🙂 who stayed up until 1am, partying right along with everyone else. And for those of you who say Baptists don’t dance? Prepare to get served.

The dating years.

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The, ahem, memorable SKATEWORLD ENGAGEMENT. BTW, you have to check out their website.

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And finally… Married. Thanks for the good times, friends.

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  • tim - couple doing the robot is just so dope!

  • Meredith - I love your creativity. I especially like the photos of the first time the groom sees the bride.

  • Yee - Crazy good, sir. CRAZY good.

  • daniel - Very nicely done! A lot of fresh angles and simple yet lovely framing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ryan - I really like the night sky in the exit shots, fun and beautiful too! Great mood. Nice work on all of it Jay!

  • Andres - Awesome set, looks like it was fun 🙂

  • nirav - Loved the engagement session and I love the wedding. Nicely done my friend!

  • shelbie cano - Oh my good how fun!! I love that the moments are real!!


I started out shooting seniors because they showed interest. I didn’t realize how much I would love it. So this is my high-five valentine for all the seniors who shoot with me, past, present, and future. You have no idea how fun you make my job. I got a Formspring question recently, asking if I would do a senior post on my blog… that’s when I realized how long it had been. So, here’s to finishing out the 2012 school year, and to the 2013 seniors who are starting to make plans. You all rock.

Be sure to click the link to see the full post, it’s a monster.

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  • ralph nardell - So many insanely good shots it’s hard to single them out. These are so great Jay, love the ballerina and guy pushing back the sun especially. The redheaded girl in the red dress, the football player, guitar player, etc – you captured each one in away they’ll love looking back on. Great stuff man.

  • daron - holy moly

  • one young thing - i LOVE the shots of the girl in the nude tunic button-down blouse and the one near the end in the jean blazer. and that’s just the beginning. they all look great!

  • Beth - You never fail to wow the crap outta me. The creativity, color, originality, simplicity, variety, personality and pure awesomeness put forth in every image astounds me. Bravo Jay!

  • Jenny McCann - The red head in the water shots…WOW WOW WOW!!

  • Alberto Llamazares - absolutely stunning!!!!

  • Karen Obrist - You’re bringing great energy and such a killer look to senior photography- I would be stoked if I was any of these kids. Also, I enjoy it when you make people stand on really tall things, coming from a shortie. 🙂

  • Wyn Wiley - jay, these are incredible. you are such a talent photographer. holy heck.

  • Jay Eads - thanks homie… 100% mutual.


Laney and Travis are just plain fantastic. Kind souls, a blast to work with, laid back, not to mention Laney’s brothers are long-time friends and clients. For their engagement session, we leisurely wandered downtown Portland, just in between downpours. We constantly looked up, so, i suppose it was a leisurely-with-a-purpose-pace? Luck favors the engaged i suppose 🙂 Even though this is mainly a wedding post, I wanted to include a bit of Downtown PDX flavor into things since it is one of my favorite places to shoot.

It’s a joy to continue relationships and grow them within families… it’s one of my very favorite parts of the job. I feel it allows me to more completely understand my subjects, and appreciate the subtle nuances that would likely be missed, had I not spent time laughing and listening and trying to outrun the rain and hit the only clear skies. Which we did the day of their wedding, also. I’m telling you, these two must have some sort of deal with the clouds. Genuineness is my favorite  of their qualities, and I tried to reflect that in the images. From the plate of baby carrots as they kissed post-ceremony (not staged, just happened, thanks for finding interesting light all on your own!), the giggles, and the overall silliness of the reception… I just wanted the images to feel comfortable. The wedding was a true family affair, with siblings in the bridal party, grandpa and brother as officiants, and either four or five pregnant bridesmaids. Long live family.

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  • az - Stunning set of images in every way.
    The groups shots are so beautiful.

  • Meredith S - awesome! 🙂 loved the ring shots btw. thanks for sharing! its cool that you’re blogging more!

  • Steven - You are very talented chap Jay. It’s great to be able to see so much of your work.

  • rk - Ha! #50.

  • Lucie Zeka - I love the group shots