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Although I crossed the bridge 15 years ago, a 6 person wedding in the middle of gorgeous Northwest nature is probably what I would do if I were getting married right now. The simplicity just hung over me, much like the wind in the gorge. A dad and his kids, a bride, her self-described “soul-sister” as officiant, and open sky. The modern elopement, for lack of a better term, has brought into sharp focus the clarity of why I love weddings. People, commitment, love. A movable, human home. That’s why I love weddings. And seeing as how the bride, groom, officiant, and I also all happen to be photographers and friends… this truly was a rare honor.

Dad trying to listen to whispered secrets with the officiant, a rock throwing contest, the vows as paper airplane sent into the gorge, wedding pie, the instant images, the tears and laughter, and that first dance at sunset as the kids looked on. I’ll will definitely remember them all with the greatest of fondness. Damn, I’m a lucky guy to do what I do.


A friend of mine wrote a song that was going through my head all through the ceremony, and I thought I would share it:

“Yes I’ll build a house inside your heart…”


Words of Advice from the Bride: 

Our wedding was all about the 4 of us becoming a family. Having the privacy of an imitate wedding let us focus on each other, and that was really meaningful and special. Jay asked for my advice for other brides… The only thing I can say is celebrate what is most important to you. Have a wedding that feels right for you. Enjoy it, be present, and have a really awesome photographer so you can relive it over and over.

I did not pay her to say that last part 😉


Polaroids, iPhone, and digital are all mixed in, in case anyone wonders why some images look different.



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  • FongPerfection, as always! Awesome set, Jay!

  • Craig FloodWOW! So good. I agree with Jay I would do a wedding like this as well.

  • Scott HillsonI think, that this might just be, the best wedding album I’ve ever seen. and I’ve seen a lot of your wedding albums.

  • EvanWow, what a beautiful way to get married! So intimate and peaceful I’m sure. Beautiful photos! 🙂

  • KateI was just wondering where this spot is in the gorge? Is it a state park or private property. Any info would be super helpful. 🙂 thanks!


  • jayeadshey kate! hmmm, it was somewhere near cascade locks, i think? i’m not sure if it has a name or not, but it’s right off the freeway.


Keep the intimate weddings coming, that’s what I say. If I had any control over it, I would probably do a 50/50 mix of big weddings and elopements, not only to keep things fresh, but also to sneak a few hikes a year in. It just so happens that I had been craving a good winter adventure. The snow fight… the purple hair… the good friend who went out of her way to replace the hair girl last minute… the 3 pair of tights, socks, and built-in bloomers to combat the cold… Sienna’s emotion when putting on the dress that she made herself… the locket with her grandfather who passed away days before the wedding… the fog… the windy freezing fog… the gloriously tempestuous freezing fog. So much I will remember about this one.

Sienna and Evan love the outdoors and wanted a small ceremony/elopement during the winter, and I’m pretty sure they got exactly what they wanted. So did I. New Year, new life. CONGRATS!


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  • Mackenzie BehrleWow! This wedding was awesome and so was the photography! I love it.

  • Nikki HoffThis is awesome 🙂

  • Tori Lee CarlsonOkay Jay. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Rosa Freyummmmazzzzzing, jay!

  • Bethany GilbertsonHow on EARTH are there no comments on this incredible, amazing post?
    Jay, I’m freaking out. These images are breath taking. You set the
    bar so high, sir. Thank you for always being inspiring.

    I will be honest, my heart hurts thinking about the missed opportunity
    of you shooting our wedding. I smile knowing that your couples
    receive the BEST imagery and will cherish them forever.

    Bravo. Well done. End scene.

  • jayeadsthanks homegirl. i’ll always be sad i couldn’t make noth weddings work, but such is life 🙂 i enjoyed looking at your photos!!! yes, i wished i was there, but you guys looked amazing.

  • Patty Diaz-Andradethe rocks, the bride and groom, everything is just majestic. you feel like you’re in an episode of “once upon a time!” Congrats to the great couple! Great work, as always, Jay!

  • Tina GuyWhat A Beautiful Wedding!!! Love And Smiles In EveryMoment Captured 😉 Congrats!!

  • Jamie BaronSo incredible… This one got me, for some reason. Maybe the intimacy of it. And then the surreal fog. There’s always that… Bravo.

  • Kassidy Renee PaigeThe second half of this set is on a completely different level. You’re a constant inspiration jay!

  • ReneeWow, this wedding was absolutely amazing! My fiance and I are hoping to do something very similar to this, but are planning it from out of Country, would you be able to tell me where this wedding took place?

  • jayeadsHEY RENEE! I will email you details.


I absolutely love small, intimate weddings and elopements. There’s a flexibility that the couple has that is near impossible for a large wedding, plus, it’s fun to be a part of something so private and small.

Daron has been a good friend for the past 5 years. We have been able to shoot a good number of weddings and personal projects together, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Funny story… I had never met Karim until this year, 4 years of Daron trying to convince me it wasn’t the classic “I have a boyfriend in Canada” story we’ve heard since middle school, so I was sure that he was fictitious. At least that’s what I kept telling her. 🙂

When a good friend asks you to shoot her elopement, tells you it will be in the woods, and that she’s making her own dress and flower crown, it’s instantly enticing. When she is a photographer who just wants you to do whatever because she trusts you, and her fiance wants you to as the photographer because he feels like he knows you (still hadn’t met him at this point), it’s humbling and a complete lock. The groom’s sister made the bouquet and officiated, the bride’s sister helped put on the dress and was a witness, the groom’s friend brought the champagne. It was truly a small friends and family event. Having met Karim and seeing how perfect they complement each other, this wedding just makes perfect sense. Simple. Pretty. Uncluttered. Thoughtful. This describes both the couple and the ceremony. Here’s to many happy years, my friends.


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  • Kassidy Renee Paigegorgeous

  • Sally BovettWow, this was a simply elegant and incredible wedding and the pictures captured just that.

  • SarahI love the setting, the details, and the perfectly beautiful way you captured their story!

  • Renae Stewartthese are amazing.

  • Georg ZerresTolle, romantische Hochzeitsbilder und ein so nettes Paar!

  • Mathias CederholmGreat stuff Jay, haven’t had a look at your website for a long time, but ended up here today and this elopement was really beautiful.
    Especially like the details and getting ready pictures in the flat. Very sweet couple.

  • elopement l love at hoyt arboretum | Ever Ours[…] really the entire elopement.  so very beautifully captured […]

  • Della PadnickI loved all the pictures except the one where they are writing on the tree – really? Shouldn’t they know better than to graffiti a tree?

  • jayeads@della i think the tree survived 🙂


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