I absolutely love small, intimate weddings and elopements. There’s a flexibility that the couple has that is near impossible for a large wedding, plus, it’s fun to be a part of something so private and small.

Daron has been a good friend for the past 5 years. We have been able to shoot a good number of weddings and personal projects together, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Funny story… I had never met Karim until this year, 4 years of Daron trying to convince me it wasn’t the classic “I have a boyfriend in Canada” story we’ve heard since middle school, so I was sure that he was fictitious. At least that’s what I kept telling her. 🙂

When a good friend asks you to shoot her elopement, tells you it will be in the woods, and that she’s making her own dress and flower crown, it’s instantly enticing. When she is a photographer who just wants you to do whatever because she trusts you, and her fiance wants you to as the photographer because he feels like he knows you (still hadn’t met him at this point), it’s humbling and a complete lock. The groom’s sister made the bouquet and officiated, the bride’s sister helped put on the dress and was a witness, the groom’s friend brought the champagne. It was truly a small friends and family event. Having met Karim and seeing how perfect they complement each other, this wedding just makes perfect sense. Simple. Pretty. Uncluttered. Thoughtful. This describes both the couple and the ceremony. Here’s to many happy years, my friends.


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  • Kassidy Renee Paigegorgeous

  • Sally BovettWow, this was a simply elegant and incredible wedding and the pictures captured just that.

  • SarahI love the setting, the details, and the perfectly beautiful way you captured their story!

  • Renae Stewartthese are amazing.

  • Georg ZerresTolle, romantische Hochzeitsbilder und ein so nettes Paar!

  • Mathias CederholmGreat stuff Jay, haven’t had a look at your website for a long time, but ended up here today and this elopement was really beautiful.
    Especially like the details and getting ready pictures in the flat. Very sweet couple.

  • elopement l love at hoyt arboretum | Ever Ours[…] really the entire elopement.  so very beautifully captured […]

  • Della PadnickI loved all the pictures except the one where they are writing on the tree – really? Shouldn’t they know better than to graffiti a tree?

  • jayeads@della i think the tree survived 🙂


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