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Anna Gilbert loves music — that was obvious during the shoot.  Committed musicians, whether professional or not, have music genetically interwoven throughout everything they do, I’m convinced. You sit Anna in front of a piano, even for a picture, and she plays and sings.  I love that.  I respect that.  Honestly, I get that… I feel the same way around a camera these days.

I’m an enormous music fan, and I think that’s the reason I love shooting musicians… I get to be around people who love music even more than I do.  This is just a preview of the images, so I’ll stop typing now.  More later in the full post.

If you haven’t already, check out Anna’s Myspace HERE and leave her some love.


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  • benj haischNICE! that bottom one screams album art to me. classy.

  • jessLOVE that second shot. beautiful!

  • Vida CarsonWow, that second image is just.. wow.

  • jobeth / bootsmcjay – these rock! that light in the second image – bea-u-ti-ful!

  • Rayleigh ShoresThose are great! I’m way impressed by the photography and by Anna’s beauty!

  • BethanyAnneHoly crap. Gorgeous porgeous. Beautiful.

    And the second pic – reminded me of Jeremy C’s style. Love it!

  • geneohawesome work, Jay. Love it.

  • JaqThese are great, i love her expression & the lighting in the second one. The piano is gorgeous.

  • GraemeNew posts please. =)

  • jayeadsI know. I’m behind 🙂


I was driving home after shooting a short wedding when I saw him. The banjo, the hat, the overalls… I knew I had to pull over and take his picture if he would let me. Fortunately he was all about it. Erik has been playing the banjo for 33 years, and it shows. His effortless picking was only outshone by his amazing handlebar mustache. He told me that he loves playing in front of The Kiva, a great little grocery in Eugene, because of the appreciation their customers show him. I guess people who like good wine and good food also like good music.


This shot was a special request by Erik.  Happy to oblige.


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  • BethanyAnneHolly snap these are amazing. Especially #5!

    Love it!

  • BethanyAnneHolly snap these are amazing. Especially #5!

    Love it!

  • Shari DeAngeloI absolutely love every single image here, Jay. Exceptional series.

  • Lauren HurtJay you are so cool, and so is this dude. These pictures make me want to start using lights, they’re just perfect!

  • GinaYour portrait work really tells the story. Each photograph is fascinating imo. It’s such a treat to view your work!

  • jessjay! don’t know how i missed this shoot but i love the mood, tones, etc. so beautiful. 🙂

  • HarveyI just want to mention that I came to your site this morning (as I often do) for inspiration. This shoot continues to inspire me over and over and over again. I love how there are so many different takes on one man playing a banjo in the street. Each one impresses and inspires for a different reason.

    Thank you.

  • Nirav PatelIncredible Jay. As everyone else has mentioned, you are truely an inspiration. If you’re ever in San Francisco shooting a wedding and need a second, or third, or fourth shooter, please let me know haha. I’ll work for peanut butter and possibly some jello. Seriously though, it would be an awesome priveledge to be able to work with you. Take care man.


I absolutely adore music photography. I love the freedom to do just about anything… to break out of normal portraiture and into more conceptual directions. To be honest, this conceptual realm isn’t an area I have a lot of experience in, but I plan on changing that in 2010. I already have some potential shoots in the planning stages. Fingers crossed.

Eugene may not be Nashville, but we have a fantastic music town. Excellent bands come through here on a regular basis, and I’m going to see what I can do about seeing more of them, and, if I’m lucky, you’ll get to see them, too.

The last image image in that set is from a shoot I did for local group, Caleb & Sol, for their first CD. Below is the most recent shoot we did, and there’s plans for another coming soon. Repeat business is always good, but it is never better than when the job is for someone insanely easy to shoot, and a lot of fun to be around.


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  • Kristopher LundborgI really like the bottom six with the borders and the very first picture. Where do you get these amazing borders?

  • MicheleGreat work Jay! I used to shoot bands and musicians a lot too and loved it, miss it a lot actually. There just isn’t much of a music scene here in West Virginia. God bless u bro.

  • jayeadsthanks michele, i appreciate the blessings 🙂

    kristopher, thank you, i really like those headshots, too. i don’t use the frames much, but i do like them on occasion. i would use them more, but i have a good friend who uses them regularly and i want to respect that. they are the kubota sloppy borders, which is about the only kubota product i have ever liked.

  • Kaarin Sreally digging these Jay!!

  • AndreaLOVE all the photos but the bottom headshots rock! I love how they are all looking at you except the cap dude!


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