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Anna Gilbert loves music — that was obvious during the shoot.  Committed musicians, whether professional or not, have music genetically interwoven throughout everything they do, I’m convinced. You sit Anna in front of a piano, even for a picture, and she plays and sings.  I love that.  I respect that.  Honestly, I get that… I feel the same way around a camera these days.

I’m an enormous music fan, and I think that’s the reason I love shooting musicians… I get to be around people who love music even more than I do.  This is just a preview of the images, so I’ll stop typing now.  More later in the full post.

If you haven’t already, check out Anna’s Myspace HERE and leave her some love.


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  • benj haischNICE! that bottom one screams album art to me. classy.

  • jessLOVE that second shot. beautiful!

  • Vida CarsonWow, that second image is just.. wow.

  • jobeth / bootsmcjay – these rock! that light in the second image – bea-u-ti-ful!

  • Rayleigh ShoresThose are great! I’m way impressed by the photography and by Anna’s beauty!

  • BethanyAnneHoly crap. Gorgeous porgeous. Beautiful.

    And the second pic – reminded me of Jeremy C’s style. Love it!

  • geneohawesome work, Jay. Love it.

  • JaqThese are great, i love her expression & the lighting in the second one. The piano is gorgeous.

  • GraemeNew posts please. =)

  • jayeadsI know. I’m behind 🙂


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