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Although I crossed the bridge 15 years ago, a 6 person wedding in the middle of gorgeous Northwest nature is probably what I would do if I were getting married right now. The simplicity just hung over me, much like the wind in the gorge. A dad and his kids, a bride, her self-described “soul-sister” as officiant, and open sky. The modern elopement, for lack of a better term, has brought into sharp focus the clarity of why I love weddings. People, commitment, love. A movable, human home. That’s why I love weddings. And seeing as how the bride, groom, officiant, and I also all happen to be photographers and friends… this truly was a rare honor.

Dad trying to listen to whispered secrets with the officiant, a rock throwing contest, the vows as paper airplane sent into the gorge, wedding pie, the instant images, the tears and laughter, and that first dance at sunset as the kids looked on. I’ll will definitely remember them all with the greatest of fondness. Damn, I’m a lucky guy to do what I do.


A friend of mine wrote a song that was going through my head all through the ceremony, and I thought I would share it:

“Yes I’ll build a house inside your heart…”


Words of Advice from the Bride: 

Our wedding was all about the 4 of us becoming a family. Having the privacy of an imitate wedding let us focus on each other, and that was really meaningful and special. Jay asked for my advice for other brides… The only thing I can say is celebrate what is most important to you. Have a wedding that feels right for you. Enjoy it, be present, and have a really awesome photographer so you can relive it over and over.

I did not pay her to say that last part 😉


Polaroids, iPhone, and digital are all mixed in, in case anyone wonders why some images look different.



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  • FongPerfection, as always! Awesome set, Jay!

  • Craig FloodWOW! So good. I agree with Jay I would do a wedding like this as well.

  • Scott HillsonI think, that this might just be, the best wedding album I’ve ever seen. and I’ve seen a lot of your wedding albums.

  • EvanWow, what a beautiful way to get married! So intimate and peaceful I’m sure. Beautiful photos! 🙂

  • KateI was just wondering where this spot is in the gorge? Is it a state park or private property. Any info would be super helpful. 🙂 thanks!


  • jayeadshey kate! hmmm, it was somewhere near cascade locks, i think? i’m not sure if it has a name or not, but it’s right off the freeway.


If you’re getting married in Oregon, rain is always in the equation. When you’re getting married on the Oregon Coast… well, let’s just say you should bring your sense of adventure. Thankfully, Russell and Jenelle handled the rain and cold with grace. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a complicating factor, or that sun wasn’t the preferred forecast. When she planned her wedding in this gorgeous state park on the Oregon Coast, I would assume Jenelle hoped for clear skies and warm breezes to go with the sweeping views of the sea, and the flowers in the pond (more on that in a moment). I would imagine, if you ask them, most brides will tell you that a wedding changes by the hour in the planning stage, and sometimes even faster the day of. Being light on your feet is a fantastic quality to have as a bride, and it certainly helps as a wedding photographer. Go with it. Roll with the punches. The details of your wedding are all important, seeing as how they all come together to create the vehicle to showcase your commitment to each other, but never forget this… saying “I Do” is the point. Not the perfect day, not the perfect weather, and the point is decidedly not to have everything go as planned. The point, to quote my talented friend, Caroline, is to look at each other and begin to “build a house within your heart.” Ultimately, Jenelle decided if it was going to rain, she could improvise. Bare feet, leg-warmers, and that pretty pond I mentioned earlier. She ditched the umbrella. Benj and I stood with our new friends in the rain and loved every single minute of it, even carrying 4 film cameras at a time. You can read Jenelle’s advice about weather and weddings in the winter/spring 2013 Portland Bride&Groom.

Life has a funny way of being unpredictable, as I’m sure most of us have experienced, and this wedding day was no exception. Just as we all made our peace with the weather… the speeches were given, the food was served, and the day was winding down, the sun broke through, even if it was only a bit. Being ready to go when the moment presents itself is half of having a sense of adventure. Closing out the day on the beach was the reward for Russell and Jenelle’s willingness to chase the sunshine. After all, life itself is a wonderful, albeit unpredictable adventure.

Russell and Jenelle, thanks for having me and Benj as a part of your adventure.

ENGAGEMENT VENUE – Shelton McMurphey Johnson House 



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A thousand thanks to my fellow bearded homie, Benj Haisch for shooting this wedding with me, film in the rain and all, not to mention all the creepy/great fun shooting double-exposure polaroids at the casino the night before 🙂 Your light leaks made my day.

jay eads photography benj haisch photography



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  • Sidney Morganso so so so so good. You take it to the next level, Jay. Thanks for being a huge inspiration.

  • CassAre you capable of anything less than awesome? These are all, without exception, completely stunning.

  • AnonymousArt comes in many forms and yes this is definitely artwork, not to mention Jenelle and Russell make an absolutely stunning and breath-taking pair. What fabulous pictures of one of the most memorable moments one can have in their lifetime. You will savor the moments through this art. I felt as I was there. Thank you for sharing Jenelle and Russell this very special moment. Cheers and smiles, Suzi & Homer.

  • Jay Eadsit was a ridiculously fun day… even though the burger king workers RUINED my order on the way there. somehow benj and i persevered 🙂 ha! thanks, homegirl!

  • Jay Eadsgoodness, that’s a really nice compliment. it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple 🙂

  • Rachael ArchondousWow this is amazing.

  • Lindsay RadloffThese are beautiful photos, do you know who they arranged for their caterer?

  • Brittaney PingreeBeautiful. What month was this?

  • jayeadsHello! This was a June wedding, but in Oregon, who ever knows what weather you’ll get in any given month 🙂


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