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I wish “infectiously happy” sounded like a positive phrase, because it is the best way I can think to describe these two. Being around them makes you smile and appreciate how special it is to be happy in this life, and have someone to share that happiness with (even in the blustery northwest). Thankfully we live in the same town… I’m looking forward to being prompted b y their happiness for years to come.


WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE: A lot goes into preparing for your wedding day, however, no matter how much planning you do, not everything will be exactly as you expect or imagine. If you let the day just be how it’s going to be it will be perfect! It will likely be better than imagined. Take time to just ENJOY the day, and ENJOY all the people that come to celebrate your marriage!
GROOM’S ADVICE: Always stake down your tents.

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    Go do something kind for someone who doesn't expect it.