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It’s Anjie’s birthday today… well, for another 10 minutes, or so. This seemed like a nice birthday present… a surprise blog post she won’t see until the day after her birthday. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂

The only way I can describe their day is to say it was classy-relaxed. The bed&breakfast was divine for getting ready and dress shots, but not stuffy. The reception venue was modern, but not pretentious. Classy-relaxed was the theme for the day. I could use the same description for Anjie and Robert. Be sure to check out their DJ’s music, he was probably tied with her dress in the bed&breakfast for the highlight of the day, in my opinion.

This is short and sweet, but I better post this before it isn’t the birthday girl’s birthday anymore. CONGRATS to a fantastic couple.

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  • YeeMy goodness, Jay…you absolutely crushed this one out of the park.

  • MonicaWhat a good-looking couple. So many shots in this bunch that I love!

  • GinaOutstanding work Jay, I really love how you’ve captured this one. The bride is beyond gorgeous!

  • KyleCrazy good, top to bottom. I love the chicken in the library.

  • Laurenuuuggghh! You killed it, makes me so jealous and sad I had to pass on that one 😉 You’re so good…

  • Anjie Glatzjust wandered down memory lane to see this ~ and gotta say you are so good it hurts. thanks for capturing our special day so magnificently & being so darn rad.

  • Shirley Green UpdenkelderAbsolutely gorgeous pictures. Such a fun weekend.

  • jayeadsanjie, it was my absolute pleasure 🙂 i can’t be rad without people like you.


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