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Live on the East Coast, elope in the Northwest… makes perfect sense to someone who is fiercely devoted to the PNW. For the couple who wants to make an adventure out of life, making an adventure out of the wedding is a natural choice. Custom rings, Saks dress (I mean, hello, look at her dress), a wide open park under the bridge, a tour of the best food in Portland, and a Tesla to drive you around. Not too shabby.

I know this is another intimate wedding slash elopement, and I have posted a good handful of them lately. It’s not that I dislike big weddings. I don’t. I’ve just found these small weddings incredibly inspiring, and they have been a bit of a safe harbor in the midst of busy months. If you were able to strip everything away at any given wedding, you would end up with two people who love each other and are committing their lives to one another for the long haul. These small weddings do just that to varying degrees, and it’s really beautiful to watch. This particular wedding consisted of five people and a park. Bride, groom, photographer/witness, officiant, and a second witness we found on a park bench. No joke. A wonderful girl who also happened to be on an adventure, just having gotten off the Amtrak to a new city… sitting on a bench because she had nowhere else to be. They wanted the wedding to reflect Portland, to be special, just for them. Color me jealous.

Is it the Wolfs? Wolves? All I know is that Wolf may be just about the coolest last name. Maybe they just need to move to PDX and start an indie band called, The Wolves. No matter what they decide, this is couple to remember. If you are having a giant wedding at a lavish venue, enjoy it for everything it’s worth… savor the community . Don’t let this post make you feel like your plan is anything less than the perfect way to get married. If you are considering an elopement, but you worry that it’s not fancy enough to be meaningful… remember that diamonds come from simple earth, if you squeeze it hard enough. An elopement may not be for everyone, however, that shouldn’t make you feel that it can’t be for you.

It’s an honor to be asked into people’s lives. Thank you, Colin and Jillian.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. ” – Camille Pissarro

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  • Elayna Giordano-MurphyA modern day fairytale. Beautiful in every way!

  • Danielle FiorentinoJillian, the pictures are amazing. I love everything about all of this- it’s so uniquely you and your fairy tale.. Beautiful and real 🙂

  • Donna Burchnall CocciolilloAbsolutely beautiful,

  • Lindsay KorwinWoW! What a beautiful day!

  • Michelle Gies BrownEverything I LOVE about LOVE is in these photos…thanks for sharing your lovely day.

  • Eleanor Gwyn-JonesJust beautiful. And unexpected. And totally elegantly quirky.

  • Bethany Joy GilbertsonYour elopement photos always make me cry.


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