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One more example of my growing love for family sessions. People are so fascinating to me, and a pile of them in the same place offer so much in the way of personal dynamics (i.e. fun and love). Messy kid hair, freckles, missing teeth. It took all of 25 seconds to know this shoot was going to be fantastic.  Kids… I have always loved kids, but now after having my own for a handful of years, kids are a surefire way to get me smiling. They can, of course, make things difficult during a shoot. You know what they say about never working with children or animals? When it comes to family sessions, I disagree with my whole heart. Give me a dog pile of kids any day, and add to that actual dogs on a working farm, well, I was in heaven for this shoot. Being sent home with a box full of fresh produce and eggs didn’t hurt.

jay eads oregon family photographer

The “imperfect” pictures are my favorite ones out of the bunch. Tongues out, Popsicle stained smiles, dog tails roaming in and out of images. This post is all about family community and joy. Brothers and sisters… moms and dads… sons and daughters. Hope you love it like I do.


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  • daron jacksonSO heart-meltingly beautiful!!!!

  • tara leighquite possibly the best ever…

  • JasonThese are fantastic!

  • David Robertsonlove it 🙂

  • Meredith SWow Jay, wow. you captured them so perfectly. Such fantastic shots!

  • melissareally really lovely jay!

  • Laurenwow, just WOW.

  • cassy berrythese are so beautiful! I just LOVE them!

  • Jen MurphyBeautiful family and beautifully captured.


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