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Ilford delta 3200 and some fields



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  • Greg Nissenmmmmmm black and white grainy goodness. My mom used to always take me out to see goats and stuff when I was younger haha

  • BethAdorable sheep! We have a bunch in CA but they aren’t nearly as cute 🙂

  • devin palmer4th up is dope.


I had an hour to kill before meeting someone on campus, and I had my EOS3 in the truck, and one roll of film… so I figured I would shoot it. Finishing off the last shots on a roll of Ilford Delta 3200, I put in some HP5, my new favorite film, and wandered. I thought. I waited. I was feeling particularly contemplative, mainly because it had been a hard week for a number of my clients and friends. Some days are more melancholy than others, even for me. Whatever goodness the sunshine has to deliver, whether it be vitamin D, or a joyful placebo… it sure did the trick. The clouds parted and I wandered the Oregon campus for the fun of it, watching students mill about, and taking in the fantastic diversity of humanity that Eugene has to offer. I sincerely love this town, and I hope to live here forever. Where else could you find Frrog Miller, the eccentric, bearded joke-book seller? He is pushy, crass, and the perfect ornate, quirky subject.

I clicked the shutter just in time to get a text from the person I was meeting. We stood on the busy UO bookstore corner and exchanged a few words, I handed off some images, a quick hug and I was on my way. I’m really not much of a hugger. Outside my wife and son, the list is very short. I’ve been known to recoil from people who go in for an unauthorized squish. For some reason, this person I’ve only met a few times has made the cut. Maybe it was because there was a real need for the hug that week. Maybe that’s what happens when I set aside my camera, who knows.


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  • MaddieThese are fantastic! I love that guy’s steam-punk goggles! 🙂

  • Shelley HanlonThanks for posting Jay! Once again you’ve managed to give everyday images a life of their own. Beautiful.

  • Nessa KThese just put me in a great mood. I miss black and white. I miss film.

  • Rachel Hunauthorized squish! ha.

  • Lisa Hlove these. And I think I’d like to be friends with Frog.

  • SarahFrog is such a Eugene icon, those are beautiful shots of him!

  • LewisSomebody already mentioned this, but “unauthorised squish” made me smile.


I don’t usually do posts for a single portrait session, but I felt like Marie needed her own space. Marie is an exchange student from Denmark, who just so happens to love Tina Dico as much as I do, and if you don’t know who that is, you are missing out on some fantastic songwriting and you should do yourself a favor and check Tina’s music out. I have done a few exchange student sessions now, and I hope to do at least one every year as a sort of “bon voyage session.” In fact, I think I just named them. (updating website)

Marie is silly, fun, and full of life… it is impossible to spend time with her and not smile, she just draws it out of you, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. This is a quality that will take her places in life. She loves shoes, and is on a mission to create her own shoe line focusing on heels and stilettos that are actually comfortable. Best of luck on that 😉 Marie brought a couple of her friends from Oregon on the shoot, which culminated in a pool, a diving board, and fully clothed girls launching themselves into the summer air. This is the kind of thing I can see Marie doing on a regular basis, and her friends in Denmark are lucky to have her.

High five from Oregon and the United States!



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  • Meredith Adamssuch awesome photos! so full of life. wonderful!


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