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It’s been 4 years since Benj and Maddie were married. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these guys, and how much Benj’s friendship has meant to me. In 2008, we were simply Flickr friends, and beyond a mutual admiration for each others work, we really had no points of connection. Little did I know that this would end up being one of my favorite weddings, and a couple of my favorite people, not to mention the wedding photographer I would choose if I were getting married today. The things I remember most from the wedding are all great stories on their own, but together they build a broader narrative of love and commitment. This is in large part what a wedding photographer does. We tell a story that could never contain everything you need to know about the couple, their families, and their friends… but it’s a snapshot. It’s a teaser or a trail of breadcrumbs for other people, in order to get the conversation started. For the people directly involved, it is a reminder that life “can be whatever you want it to be.” It is a window that shows both the past and causes you to wonder about and plan the future. That’s the story we try to tell. I have no idea what Benj and Maddie’s story will look like in 5, 10 or 15 years. All I know, as I approach my own 15th anniversary, is that they have both chosen wonderful companions for the adventure.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • Maddie’s starbucks cup save the date idea
  • The very detailed card Maddie made Benj, explaining how he would now replace the teddy bear as her long time sleeping companion
  • Benj official relieving the teddy of his duties 😉
  • The pearl ring which is a new family heirloom
  • High school girls love them some romance. The looks on their faces as the newly married couple kisses outside the sanctuary kills me every time
  • The Canon cake
  • The party-foul… drink spilled on the best man’s sleeve. Who’s the blame, the best man or the planner? 🙂
  • Um, fireworks.

I sat at dinner with Benj and Maddie last weekend (we have a shared affection/obsession for Indochine) and talked a bit about their anniversary, and possible plans for their future and couldn’t help but smile at all they have to look forward to. It’s also Benj’s birthday, so go give him some love on his facebook page. Shooting and editing styles change, but I will never stop loving this wedding. High five to my Washington homies, here’s to 64 more anniversaries.

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  • Jay Eads - Hillary Uhler-Powell gets the high five as coordinator and makeup and all sorts of good stuff 🙂

  • Craig Flood - AMAZING!

  • Rodrigo Paiva - Wow! o.O

  • Emilie - Love these images! Happy anniversary Maddie and BenJ!!!


If you’re getting married in Oregon, rain is always in the equation. When you’re getting married on the Oregon Coast… well, let’s just say you should bring your sense of adventure. Thankfully, Russell and Jenelle handled the rain and cold with grace. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a complicating factor, or that sun wasn’t the preferred forecast. When she planned her wedding in this gorgeous state park on the Oregon Coast, I would assume Jenelle hoped for clear skies and warm breezes to go with the sweeping views of the sea, and the flowers in the pond (more on that in a moment). I would imagine, if you ask them, most brides will tell you that a wedding changes by the hour in the planning stage, and sometimes even faster the day of. Being light on your feet is a fantastic quality to have as a bride, and it certainly helps as a wedding photographer. Go with it. Roll with the punches. The details of your wedding are all important, seeing as how they all come together to create the vehicle to showcase your commitment to each other, but never forget this… saying “I Do” is the point. Not the perfect day, not the perfect weather, and the point is decidedly not to have everything go as planned. The point, to quote my talented friend, Caroline, is to look at each other and begin to “build a house within your heart.” Ultimately, Jenelle decided if it was going to rain, she could improvise. Bare feet, leg-warmers, and that pretty pond I mentioned earlier. She ditched the umbrella. Benj and I stood with our new friends in the rain and loved every single minute of it, even carrying 4 film cameras at a time. You can read Jenelle’s advice about weather and weddings in the winter/spring 2013 Portland Bride&Groom.

Life has a funny way of being unpredictable, as I’m sure most of us have experienced, and this wedding day was no exception. Just as we all made our peace with the weather… the speeches were given, the food was served, and the day was winding down, the sun broke through, even if it was only a bit. Being ready to go when the moment presents itself is half of having a sense of adventure. Closing out the day on the beach was the reward for Russell and Jenelle’s willingness to chase the sunshine. After all, life itself is a wonderful, albeit unpredictable adventure.

Russell and Jenelle, thanks for having me and Benj as a part of your adventure.

ENGAGEMENT VENUE – Shelton McMurphey Johnson House 



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A thousand thanks to my fellow bearded homie, Benj Haisch for shooting this wedding with me, film in the rain and all, not to mention all the creepy/great fun shooting double-exposure polaroids at the casino the night before 🙂 Your light leaks made my day.

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  • Sidney Morgan - so so so so so good. You take it to the next level, Jay. Thanks for being a huge inspiration.

  • Cass - Are you capable of anything less than awesome? These are all, without exception, completely stunning.

  • Anonymous - Art comes in many forms and yes this is definitely artwork, not to mention Jenelle and Russell make an absolutely stunning and breath-taking pair. What fabulous pictures of one of the most memorable moments one can have in their lifetime. You will savor the moments through this art. I felt as I was there. Thank you for sharing Jenelle and Russell this very special moment. Cheers and smiles, Suzi & Homer.

  • Jay Eads - it was a ridiculously fun day… even though the burger king workers RUINED my order on the way there. somehow benj and i persevered 🙂 ha! thanks, homegirl!

  • Jay Eads - goodness, that’s a really nice compliment. it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple 🙂

  • Rachael Archondous - Wow this is amazing.

  • Lindsay Radloff - These are beautiful photos, do you know who they arranged for their caterer?


“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”
— Annie Leibovitz

Miranda is one of the very first people I photographed, professionally, and in many ways, gave me more than I could ever repay through her word-of-mouth support. I’m hoping you can see the joy she gives off. I’m hoping you can see how much Miranda and Trevor love each other. And more than anything, I hope these images can act as a small repayment of the debt I owe one of my favorite people in the world.

I put the quote from Annie above for a couple reasons. First, it is one of the ways I conduct my business and find connections with my subjects. I want my photographs to be more than pretty, and more than technically sound. I want images that show the personalities of the people in them. Developing temporary, platonic crushes on my clients allows me to get there with much greater regularity than if I were to simply look for good light. I’m always searching for the little quirks and unique qualities that their friends and family love about them. Second, I absolutely fell in love with these two as a couple, so it felt appropriate. I had high hopes and expectations for Trevor, since I have known Miranda for so long, and with a very happy heart I can say he met every qualification you would want for your friend to find in a spouse. I don’t talk this way often, however, it sure seems like these two were made for each other. (even if Miranda has the good common sense to be a Duck fan, and Trevor roots for the Huskies)

Allow yourself to feel the emotion and get lost in their day. “Honk if you think the bride is cute.”




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  • Tori - THIS IS SO GOOD.

  • anderson - sick. sick. SICK!

    fun couple.

  • Lindsey Grip - Love the b&w of him kissing her forehead! Not bad, with the exception of the sneaky U of O picture 😉

  • lydia {ever ours} - absolutely glorious!

  • Karen - Wow. I really just love how you do portraits. So classy and fun. I’m also a huge fan of you posting engagement photos first and then the wedding after! 🙂

  • Jeremy - Love, Love, Love. Great work man!!

  • David Ferguson | Brisbane - Hey Jay, really love your work man. Fantastic storytelling and a really nice feeling across your work.

  • bethany - yes yes yes. these are wonderful.