I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kristin and Jamie, but how could I not? Cows, shooting with strobes waist-deep in waterfalls, fly-fishing, abandoned fire-damaged buildings, ropeswings, pie… you know what they say about variety. Plus, when the groom MAKES the boutonnieres and bouquet, you know it’s going to be good. Now to find a way to take that swing with me to each wedding 😉

I find it so refreshing to be around people at this stage in life. It’s not about age, because some get married at 21 and some get married at 31. The new beginning is refreshing. I remember getting married (almost 14 years ago) and thinking about all that would change and grow over the many years together. Houses, cars, kids, jobs, favorite restaurants, best vacations, and more that I had absolutely no idea would come our way. I thought about those things fondly, and even now, still in my thirties, I see a lot on the horizon for me and my family. I like to be with engaged couples. I like to share in their excitement and reminisce in my own head about everything they must be excited for. Life is fascinating.

Thanks to Brittany Sharday for shooting with me.


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  • Meg Manion Silliker - wow jay! stop being so awesome. what a beautiful collection of images – this wedding had it all.

  • Brittany Sharday - Woohoo! Been waiting for you to post this one ;).
    Fabulous, of course, Jay!

  • Andrea Java - Love the guys grabbing each others’ butts…too funny! Beautiful couple, stunning photography…nice job!!

  • Jay Eads - yeah… sorry the text didn’t load fully at first… half my little story and the shout out to you was AWOL. now it’s there 🙂

  • Alyda - Wow! Incredible work. Can’t believe I’m only discovering you now.

  • Mike Olbinski - Simply amazing work Jay.

  • Roland Hale - Sweet!