Cool can be faked. You can photograph a couple and make the people seem more relaxed than they truly were. A venue can be made to look majestic, when the reality is the opposite (hello start-of-the-career days). Photoshop, Lightroom, liquefy, dodge, burn, collage, stitch… so many ways to lie in a photograph. Richard Avedon, one of my top 3 all time photographers, brilliantly said “All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

A little over a decade in, and the only thing I have found to be difficult to manufacture is connection. It is there, or it is not. Although I have a good sized list of qualities I admire, that connection is probably my very favorite part thing about Lindsay and Matthew. I’m hoping their bond is as clear to you as it was to me. Enjoy the dancers being dancers, the silliness, and the genuine joy of their day at Deep Woods.


WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE (AND GROOM): As for words of advice, Matt says “Do what you want.” I would second that. We cut out a lot of the traditional wedding stuff that didn’t feel like us, and left what we felt was important.

*top 5 advice from a couple, ever. seriously.

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