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Just hours after the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, these women exchanged vows, laughed with family and friends, and were married. This was to be my first same-sex wedding (theirs, too), so the logistics of two brides wanting made for entertaining conversation as the three of us sat in a local coffee shop, attempting to figure things out, such as, a double first-look, walking down the aisle, garters and bouquets. They weren’t my details to decide on, the girls brought me into the discussion… that’s very much how this wedding went. These generous, kind, smart women, inviting me into their day. What an absolute honor. What a LOT of dresses… 🙂

As they celebrated with abandon in the water, on a very hot summer evening, I realized I have never seen a national change in law that affected me i the way this ruling did for them. I’ve never been in the position requiring rights to be given me. I do, however, know what marriage is like, and I’ve been in love for many years now. I wish the same for all the LGBTQ couples who are afforded these new freedoms and rights. Finally.

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