B + W

Film… digital…  I don’t care, I just love black & white photography.  Even a simple photobooth filmstrip holds some sort of nostalgia for me that color just doesn’t.  Classic, melancholy, emotional, it all translates so well in monochrome.  The need for tonal contrast is a great exercise for your eye, also.  Here are some selected recent b&w shots.  I know, it’s a short post, it was just bouncing around in my head.


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  • scottyso colorful man.
    i wish i could be half as good as you.

  • BethOhmahgosh your lil boy is SO cute!!

    But anyway, beautiful, beautiful post. There’s just something about b&w that is just wonderful.

  • melissaI love that I can see how much you love what you do in your work. It’s fabulous Jay

  • Heather ElizabethWhat a beautiful set of images. That first one still gives me chills. Brilliant work 🙂

  • Rachel HI feel the same way about B&W.


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