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I value silliness and dancing every bit as much as solemnity and romance. A world without all four would be a less inviting world, and an incomplete picture of the family life in my own household. That said, not everyone is a silly person, and certainly not all of the time. Balance is key. Welcome to one of the most balanced weddings I have ever had the privilege of photographing. Lauren and Ben have an amazing connection to each other, and their friends… which, for me, is often the highlight of full weddings. A stark contrast to the airy solitude of an elopement, love as a community is equally beautiful to me. What an honor it is to see so many people join their lives together among friends and family. This one will stick with me.

A few of my favorite highlights: Their wedding hashtag is one of the best I’ve seen. BEN + LAUREN + KO = #BELOKO. Dinosaurs always go with weddings, whether a tie clip or stuffed friend… it’s science. Voodoo doughnuts will drive to your wedding and serve guests right out of the truck, if you’re in their delivery zone. Inflatable donuts just feel right at a reception, don’t ask me why. The dancing was woven throughout the entire day, it might as well have been another member of the bridal party. The coordination was top-notch, Alyssa and her team made my job easier (a nice change of pace), and I am not easily won over by coordinators, and I do not suck up. Most importantly, I will remember this wedding most for the looks Lauren and Ben gave each other. It’s all in the eyes.

A massive shout out to my homegirl Tara for shooting with me and covering for my friend who bailed on me last minute for a really good reason, not that I will never ever ever ever let him live it down. ALSO, if you’re into pie, baking, or Tasty videos… check Lauren’s work out, she’s amazing. HER INSTAGRAM, and HER NEW TASTY VIDEO.

Long live love, silliness, and dancing 🙂

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  • Daron Aliya Sabri - 100% awesome

  • Jennifer Lindstrom Miller - Magical, fun, festive…party! Gorgeous images!

  • Judy Miller - What a fun wedding and adorable couple! I’m glad you had a great photographer who seemed to be everywhere and capture your special day. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!


It takes a lot of personality to overpower blue hair and a gold, sequined wedding dress. It takes a fierce love for a sister to match the emotion between the couple getting married. I  am a huge fan of fiery conviction blended with deep affection, it’s how I want to live my life. That’s exactly what Joanna brings to the table… it’s inspiring to be around. Chris is one of those thoughtful creatives that clearly has smarts to spare, I can only imagine what things this couple will do together. Now, the little sister could be a story all to herself. Anneli stole my heart in seconds. I turned her lose with an extra camera, enjoy her take on the wedding day… not many people can get me to be in a photograph and post it. Put all of this into my favorite Fan Francisco and you end up with a day, and, more importantly, people that will stay with me for years.

Love the people around you. Care deeply. Be fiery.


WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE: When planning my wedding, I found it super helpful to not look at any wedding related media. They create “needs” that aren’t needs at all. My philosophy was, “if I don’t already know about it, then I don’t need it.” Websites and magazines (even the ones that claim to be practical, feminist, or alternative in some fashion) still need to pump out article after article–which results in creating false “needs.” For example, you do not NEED hotel gift bags for out-of-town guests (they are adults, they can remember to bring their own granola bars and bottled water), or wedding favors (no one needs a champagne flute with you and your partners initials on it–Goodwill is FULL of wedding tchotchkes!). Of course if you really want those things–do it–but don’t do it if you don’t want to, or can’t afford it.

The wedding industrial complex is designed to make you feel like there will be a panel of judges scoring every aspect of your wedding. Unless you are going to be on Four Weddings, you will not receive a score, you will not get a grade! So don’t worry about doing what is expected of you. Just do what makes you happy. You will be surprised how supportive people are when you hold your ground, and those who continue to be negative, well, you don’t need them. I did not miss or regret not having anything “material” at my wedding. The day of, you really will not care about any of the details that wedding blogs and magazines assert are important.




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  • Meredith - I love all of your shots, but I especially love the shots by the window with the city in the background.

  • Katy Weaver - This is honestly one of the most beautiful and touching wedding blog posts I’ve read/seen in months. So real, so raw, so awesome, so beautiful. You did an incredible job with this Jay.

  • Moira Cary - I think I’m going to start saving now so that I can afford to have you as my photographer when (if!) I get married….


Kaitlin and Jim laugh and smile and cry in equal proportions, just the way I like it. I’m a fan of a well-balanced wedding 🙂  We had great weather and a super-moon, an incredibly classy couple, and a fun bridal party, it truly was a great day. So many moments stand out to me and even over-shadow the super-moon. The giggles during their first look. The way Kaitlin clung to her dad’s arm, waiting to go down the aisle. The first dance, complete with bad clapping. The laughing during the portrait time. It’s not such a bad job… joining people on their wedding day.

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  • Leah Joseph Photography - Beautiful work Jay! I gasped when I got to the photo of with that great old pine tree. Stunning.

  • Lindsay Weddle - SO GOOD! I can’t wait to have you shoot our wedding, you’re da bomb!

  • Shelby Johnson Kohler - These are INCREDIBLE!! You’re so talented and I always look forward to seeing your photos!

  • Martha Morningstar - Hi Jay

    I love this venue – can you tell me where it is? We can’t find it via Google .
    Looking for my nieces 2018 wedding.


  • jayeads - hey! yeah they have no site or anything, contact Jan at 541-556-2263. Good luck!