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  • Jesse Pafundi - Like a boss. This sesh rocks.

  • Andy Gaines - Absolutely mint! Great location and brilliantly pulled off. Especially love the close up faces in the rink. Inspirational – cheers!

  • Rayleigh Leavitt - awwww, skateworld! I used to go their all the time when I was a kid. In fact, my dad worked there for a little while so went there quite often! Cute idea for a shoot!

  • Kaitlynn Mockett - LOVE it. This is wonderful! 🙂 Love the wig!

  • nirav - Mr. Jay. This is flippin’ incredible.

  • Joshua - Amazing Bro.

  • daron - DUDE. this is freaking awesome in every single way

  • Kaitlin Ehlers - hahahahaha me and Jade got such a kick out of these! Fabulous!

  • Michele - So much fun! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face while I was looking at the photos. Fantastic!

  • Leon Seierlein - extremely funny couple!!!:-)

  • Briana - Amazing pictures. Hunter and Jeanene make the cutest couple. Great location!

  • daniel - Amazing colors and compositions. So many good ideas!

  • Lucie Zeka - what a great idea for photo shoot.


This post is an example of what happens when a bride is honest with her photographer about what she does and does not want on her wedding day. It’s important for brides to be on the same page as their photographer… being upfront is a good first step towards that. It didn’t hurt my feelings to have hopes and expectations graciously explained. My professional sensibilities were still intact. 😉 Honesty and collaboration made the day so good, in my opinion. It’s my job to apply my own perspective on the bride’s vision for her day. Flexibility and humility are every bit as important to a wedding photographer as a good, fast lens is. I’m not trying to preach… just explain what made for what I believe was a perfect day (the bride agrees).

Great sun, beautiful locations, late boys, pilfered Voodoo Donuts, and good pizza defined the beginning of the day. The ceremony was meaningful. The walk from the ceremony to the reception was one of the most relaxing moments in any wedding I have been to or shot. And the reception? The view… the food… the dancing… oh, the dancing 🙂 the bridesboy’s reaction to dad grabbing mom’s backside is about as good as it gets. Ha! Every part is equally special to me.

Love this couple. And huge thanks to Daron Jackson for once again being a perfect second shooter.

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Event Coordination: Carmen Shah, Ella Events,
Flowers: Jill Mason at Starflower,
Ceremony: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland
Reception: The Ecotrust Buliding terrace, Portland
Hotel: The Nines, Portland
Catering: Culinary Artistry,
Makeup: Claudine Ebel, Ebel Artistry,
Hair: Angela Jauron, Icon Salon, Portland Oregon
Cake:  Judy Reese at Dream Cakes,
Cake Topper: Jill Mason at Starflower,
Music: dj rndm noise, Paul Munoz, his Facebook


Portland Bride & Groom  Loves Us!


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  • daron - oh yeah!!!!! love it. what an awesome wedding that was!!! thanks for having me once again 🙂

  • tim riddick - what a sick post… this hands down on of my favorites of this year… great job dude

  • Rayleigh Leavitt - That looks like a fabulous wedding! I’m sure they had a great day! Your photos are awesome!

  • Gina - Love this wedding Jay. So many incredible photos here. Love the group photos of the wedding party and the ones of the couple’s first seeing of each other, so sweet and well done!

  • Amanda K - Jay…FANTASTIC work. I am IN LOVE with the reflection shot of the bride peeking around the corner. Genius.

  • Shelley - Stunning once again Jay!

  • emily - so. well. done.
    killer from top to bottom man.

  • Andy Gaines - Epic post and wedding! Great collection of shots. And yeah, what Amanda K said above – Love that shot of her peeking with the reflection – great capture!

  • Kai Heeringa - So many good shots! Frame #049 is amazing.

  • dorothy huynh - these are awesome!

  • Kacy - It’s official, you’re a stud. Also, the photo booth butt grab is a fave, ha! Awesome capture 🙂

  • lauren hurt - Jay you’re my favorite. Uh-mazing

  • Lucie Zeka - so many awesome photos


Nikki and Joel make shooting a wedding easy. And fun. Hopefully the images convey their joy and just how in love they are with each other. And can I just say the private residence they used for the venue was absolutely perfect, and full of interesting corners… one of my favorite of the whole year. We were threatened all day with rain, and amazingly the only time it sprinkled was during their first look, which, in my opinion, made it even better than the original plan. Umbrellas came out, Joel took shelter in the trees (thank you unplanned frame within a frame), and the skied turned moody. You can know your camera. You can have ideas stored in your Moleskine. You may have vision for days… but you cannot overlook the importance of luck when it comes to photography. Just be ready to think fast.

To start the post off, I’ll show Nikki’s surprise bridal we did for Joel a week before the big day. High five to Emily Baynes for the hair and makeup.

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  • Heather Elizabeth - Absolutely love your use of light and shadows here. Stellar work, my friend. You inspire me.

  • Joe - HOLY Cow my friend. This is Fantastic work!

  • Tracy Hiday - Breathtaking……

  • stephen - baller! dude, this is so good.

  • vanessa - dude, you floor me. amazing shots. wow, wow, wow!

  • Chrystal - Can’t imagine a more perfect dress, bride, location, or pictures! You did a fantastic job and had everything you needed to take perfect pictures of what looks like a perfect wedding!!!

  • Bryan Aulick - So many photos!

  • Brandon Witzel - Woah! I completely agree with Bryan!

  • jayeads - bryan, it feels that way because there are no images on your blog. 😉

    gotta edit the link on your FB

  • Yee - Killed it, sir, killed it. That image of them illuminated only by the cross is hands down one of my favorites of all time.

  • Paul Krol - awesome!! some amazing pictures and i absolutely love pic #95 shooting a little through the green foliage! great stuff!

  • Bryan Aulick - Hahaha. I guess I kind of just got in a rut, posting five images, then three, then one, and toward the end: none. After coming off my high (or low), I realized that I had actually deleted all of my images. Hi, I’m Bryan, I was a nihilism-addict, and I want the world to know that minimalism is a gateway drug.

  • jsa - i love the way you see weddings.

  • Andy Gaines - Brilliant! Really inspiring stuff – Blog more (please!) your work is great!

  • jayeads - haha, bryan… perfect 🙂

  • Cortney - Jay,
    Your work never ceases to amaze me! I’m not sure how you do it but the weddings you shoot always look like the most incredible ever, with the most gorgeous couples I’ve ever seen. You are a genius 🙂

  • Debbie Mayes - This is one of my favorite wedding posts that I’ve seen in a long time – absolutely loving your work and the direction your going in. Beautiful!

  • Lucie Zeka - perfect 🙂