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We chased the sunshine, stood on office chairs, jumped from benches, ate apples, and generally had a good time. I’m a big fan of the silver dresses and green shoes – so perfect. Also, if it weren’t impractical to steal their getaway vehicle, I might just do it. 😉 There’s an extra something special about the weddings of friends, and I’ve known Kaylee’s family for a long time… in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than shooting a wedding with personal meaning.

Thanks to my homie Greg Nissen for shooting second. And if you’re ever in Eugene, and you like Thai food… check out his Mama’s cooking! It’s a weekly thing for me.


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  • J Shoda - This is too freaking good Mr. Eads.

  • christian gideon - Beautiful work Jay. Storytelling at it’s finest.

  • Jesse Green - WOW. That’s all I got.

  • Heather Elizabeth - You inspire me. This is so stellar I can’t even come up with my usual witty comments. Amazing work man.

  • Matthew Carter - Jay, this is a beautifully shot wedding. Great work hoss.

  • Greg Nissen - Woo! Had a great time shooting with you. My mom will be happy haha

  • Vanessa - Why are you so good. I swear you managed to be everywhere at once and execute every shot with such skill. Love them all. You’re my idol <3

  • Mike Fiechtner - Great stuff Jay! Love it all!

  • Ste - Jay, this is great stuff. The black and white pics of the groomsmen are almost like some iconic images from the 1950s but the whole post is fantastic throughout!

  • geneoh - kaylee_30 is money. great work dude!

  • Lucie Zeka - nice photos


My wife is participating in the “thankful every day for one thing” thing on Facebook, along with half of my feed. I really don’t get into those sorts of things to save myself from failure due to inconsistency. So… I thought I would post something I’m thankful for, and to maybe prompt you to consider how much there is to be thankful for in your own life. The odds are you’re reading this from your smartphone, or over high speed internet, in your comfy sweats, with a roof over your head and clean water. That alone is something to be appreciated when you look around the world. Or your own town. “I’ve only got one other picture of me, and it’s from my mugshot… and it’s not pretty!” Comments like that prove how much can be done by something as simple as photographing someone and giving it back to them. Insert Help-Portrait plug here 🙂

The Eugene Mission quietly serves thousands of people without housing by providing meals, shelter, dry socks and clothing, haircuts, school supplies for the kids, as well as, emotional and spiritual food. They have a new website they worked very hard on in hopes that it will broaden the audience who hears about what they do, and potentially increase giving. They have also realized that many people who find themselves homeless research places to stay by looking online using public computers in the community libraries, and without a legitimate web presence, the staff cannot serve folks who don’t know the Eugene Mission exists.

Consider finding a rescue Mission, or a food bank, or whatever service you prefer to support this Thanksgiving. My one thing I am thankful for is the fact that I have been given to, and can give to others.

No guilt trips. Just stories.

“I’m not very photogenic… but you can try!”

“Me and some other guys are just waiting until we can retire. If we make it.”

“The safety The Mission gives us can’t be any more important than it is… the streets are dangerous. I don’t care much about the spiritual stuff they give here, but I see why some people need it. Maybe I need it.”

“I used to take pictures, I had a camera… yeah man, it was nice until someone stole it.”

“When I couldn’t walk upstairs anymore, I realized how important it was that the Mission had beds downstairs for people like me. That was real nice.”

“Yes, you can take my picture, I have no nice ones at all… or any. [laughter]”

“It’s a blessing to be here among these brothers. I’ve made my own mistakes, I have my own forgiveness.”

“They’ve been real nice here, and that isn’t always the case…”

“Yeah, we’re friends… and that over there is a LOT of newspaper! [laughs]”

Since 1956

Services Provided in 2010 Total per Year
Meals 187,454
Beds 102,431
Guest Chapel Attendees (p.m.) 67,700
Program Chapel Attendees (a.m.) 18,512
Daytime Men’s Bible Study Attendees 931
Training Program Members Average per Day 120

“It’s not about any one man, but about the mission.”

Being content, and learning “not to want” has little to nothing to do with having everything you desire.


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  • cam - amazing work, really amazing…

  • ryan flynn - this is fantastic, jay. the photos, but especially what the photos are about.

  • tim coulson - really beautiful. on all accounts.

  • J marsh - Bro. This is was photography is for. Thanks for doing something meaningful and keeping this industry in perspective. Excellent post

  • Vanessa - Beautiful work, J! Thanks for the lovely shots of all these people and for some wonderful perspective. Happy thanksgiving!

  • Rachel - Thanks for doing this. I support the Rescue Mission here in Portland, there are some really great people on board bringing services to some of the disenfranchised here in the city.

  • Lucie Zeka - Beautiful work!!!


Tara and Matthew are exactly my cup of tea. Funny, smart, classy-crude fashionistas with a flare for the eccentric. I made most of that up, so you can feel free to decide which you think is true. Tara is a rad photographer – which is always fun to shoot, and an added layer of pressure, which I love. She also had about 75 photographer friends at the wedding, like Ralph, Mariah, and Amanda, which takes that pressure and makes it… well, whatever is a little squishier than regular pressure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks to Victoria Carslon for being a first class Second.

Enjoy their engagement session and wedding… I dare you not to smile 🙂

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Event Design: TARA + MATTHEW

Makeup:  Alexandra Blatt –

Day of Coordination:  Rebekah McNall of A&B Creative –

Rentals:  A&B Creative –

Hair: Jacquie Venable

Cake:  my all time fave Sweet Life –

Flowers: Erica at MODA Floral –

Dress: Enzoani

Veil: Twigs & Honey –

Cake Topper: Bunny With a Toolbelt –

Band:  Trashcan Joe –

Venue:  Five Pine Lodge –

Also, Matthew made the wedding favors on a 3D printer.  Top that 😉


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  • Meredith S. - You should blog WAY more often. I mean, you should still have a life and everything, but.. this is fantastic :] way to go, Jay

  • Kai Heeringa - I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. Tara and Matthew were lucky to have you document everything. Beautiful work!

  • tara leigh - you’re the raddest… officially.

  • Amanda - You could not have done a better job putting this story together. It was an amazing day and you really captured the essence of the whole celebration. It was great meeting you, as well. =)

  • ralph - Epic work, Jay! From the green grasses to the flying sparks you captured this story so beautifully. Love it all, so many wonderful moments and how ’bout those “funny, smart, classy-crude fashionistas.” Ha. Awesome. Such a pleasure to meet you and watch you do your thing.

  • daron - what a ridiculously awesome set!!! love their ceremony location!! your blogging is worth waiting for, sir!

  • Katie - Jay, Tara, Matthew, these are outrageously amazing!!!!! Jay, you did such an incredible job, so much so!!!!!!! I love blog posts like this, seeing it like this!!!

  • kyle hale - slayer. good stuff Jay

  • Nancy Edney - You are incredible!

  • Marisa - Two things: I would LOVE to know where he found those ties, and what the name of that awesome band is!

  • tara leigh - marisa… i got the ties on etsy. shop is me and mathilda… and the band is trashcan joe, out of portland.

  • Heather Elizabeth - Oddly, looking at these reminds me that if I ever had a rock band, you need to take our photos. Because you are so good that you make a bridal party look like they are in a rock band. Also, your black and whites rock my socks.

  • Meg Manion Silliker - jay your imagery is stellar. so amazingly beautiful. all of them. the evening black and whites are incredible. tara is such a beautiful bride you can just feel the happy. bravo.

  • Cass - Stunning. All of it.

  • Marie-Josée - Love it ! Wowwww !

  • Danielle Alban - Jay this wedding with your photography = pure amazingness! It makes me want to get married all over again and decorate different. Everything is so perfect!

  • Erica Patterson - Wow x 200!!!! Your love for the medium shows through! Excellent work!

  • Yee - My. Goodness. WELL done, good sir!

  • Kacy Kizer - Dude. Beautiful work.

  • nima - love it top to bottom!!!

  • Steve Elmer - Holy Awesomeness Mr Eads!

  • Dana - That is the coolest wedding I’ve seen in a long time. The setting makes me drool and wish more people thought outside the box like that. Wonderful work!!

  • Jamie Baron - Ok. Wow. Seriously, if I could do my wedding all over again, I think I’d just call these two up and copy theirs, verbatim. I love all the details.
    And the pictures. Of course the pictures… Once again, a job very well done, Jay.

  • Michele - WOW! The emotions I experienced while seeing your amazing photos. I felt like I was there. The love and heartfelt joy was in every photo. Impressive work Jay. There were many people I “know” in the photos and you can really see their personalities shine. Beautiful.

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  • Karen Obrist - Wow- I love that you combined their engagement session and wedding. That grassy field you shot their engagements in is incredible! What a sweet couple- you captured everything beautifully! Great wedding!

  • daniel - Terrific! Love the red plaid tablecloth-wall as a background.

  • jennifer - this is by far the BEST wedding ever, and not just because i heart tara, but seriously, ever single image you can think of is here!!! every angle, every detail….every every every…amazing and inspiring!

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