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Cool can be faked. You can photograph a couple and make the people seem more relaxed than they truly were. A venue can be made to look majestic, when the reality is the opposite (hello start-of-the-career days). Photoshop, Lightroom, liquefy, dodge, burn, collage, stitch… so many ways to lie in a photograph. Richard Avedon, one of my top 3 all time photographers, brilliantly said “All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

A little over a decade in, and the only thing I have found to be difficult to manufacture is connection. It is there, or it is not. Although I have a good sized list of qualities I admire, that connection is probably my very favorite part thing about Lindsay and Matthew. I’m hoping their bond is as clear to you as it was to me. Enjoy the dancers being dancers, the silliness, and the genuine joy of their day at Deep Woods.

WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE (AND GROOM): As for words of advice, Matt says “Do what you want.” I would second that. We cut out a lot of the traditional wedding stuff that didn’t feel like us, and left what we felt was important.

*top 5 advice from a couple, ever. seriously.
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Birth cannot fully be described to someone who hasn’t seen it firsthand, or reduced down to simple facts. It is easily one of the most powerful things I have ever witnessed, which sounds cliche, I know… there’s just no better word for me to use. Powerful. I hesitate to call it a miracle, since miracles are events that happen outside the natural laws of the world, and there is nothing more primal, and yes, natural than childbirth. It’s defined as the act or process of giving birth to a baby, and what a process it is. Every step is brought forth from action… the conception, the gestation, and the delivery are all work, kinetic in nature. It feels like magic. It feels like some form of miracle. Birth feels otherworldly, even though it is firmly rooted in the natural order of things. It’s possible things like the delivery of a baby prompted people to start using the term “everyday miracles,” I mean, words fall short when you witness what the mama and her team accomplish. What an honor… I want to photograph all the birth stories.

I’ve had the honor of knowing this little girl her entire little life, and I have no doubt that she will continue the work and action that her amazing parent set into motion over a year ago. Happy birthday, Charlotte, I can’t wait to see how you affect thew world.


  • April 12, 2017 - 6:18 am

    Christine Wilkinson - Beautiful description of the honor of being part of a birth! It is quite miraculous! Great photos and memories to be treasured a lifetime! Every birth is a priceless gift…well done! Being a nurse, I’ve always had a tender spot for the ever unique birth journey and story to accompany!
    Christine W

  • April 17, 2017 - 1:20 am

    jayeads - it’s really something special, and words will always fall short. BLESS THOSE NURSES!

I wish “infectiously happy” sounded like more positive, because it is the best way I can think to describe these two. Being around them makes you smile and appreciate how special it is to be happy in this life, and have someone to share that happiness with (even in the blustery northwest). Thankfully we live in the same town… I’m looking forward to being prompted b y their happiness for years to come.

WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE: A lot goes into preparing for your wedding day, however, no matter how much planning you do, not everything will be exactly as you expect or imagine. If you let the day just be how it’s going to be it will be perfect! It will likely be better than imagined. Take time to just ENJOY the day, and ENJOY all the people that come to celebrate your marriage!
GROOM’S ADVICE: Always stake down your tents.

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