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I had an hour to kill before meeting someone on campus, and I had my EOS3 in the truck, and one roll of film… so I figured I would shoot it.  Finishing off the last shots on a roll of Illford Delta 3200, I put in some HP5, my new favorite film and wandered.  I thought.  I waited.  I was feeling particularly contemplative, mainly because it had been a hard week for a number of my clients and friends.  Some days are more melancholy than others, even for me.  Whatever goodness the sunshine has to deliver, whether it be vitamin D, or a joyful placebo… it sure did the trick.  The clouds parted and I wandered the Oregon campus for the fun of it, watching students mill about, and taking in the fantastic diversity of humanity that Eugene has to offer.  I sincerely love this town (so take that, Zack), and I hope to live here forever.  Where else could you find Frrog Miller, the eccentric, bearded joke-book seller?  He is pushy, crass, and the perfect, ornate and quirky subject.

I clicked the shutter just in time to get a text from the person I was meeting.  We stood on the busy UO bookstore corner and exchanged a few words, I handed off some images, a quick hug and I was on my way.  I’m not a hugger.  Outside my wife and son, the list is very short… I’ve even been known to recoil from people who go in for an unauthorized squish.  For some reason, this person I’ve only met a few times has made the cut.  Maybe it was because there was a real need for the hug that week.  Maybe that’s what happens when I set aside my camera.  Who knows 🙂


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  • Maddie - These are fantastic! I love that guy’s steam-punk goggles! 🙂

  • Shelley Hanlon - Thanks for posting Jay! Once again you’ve managed to give everyday images a life of their own. Beautiful.

  • Nessa K - These just put me in a great mood. I miss black and white. I miss film.

  • Rachel H - unauthorized squish! ha.

  • Lisa H - love these. And I think I’d like to be friends with Frog.

  • Sarah - Frog is such a Eugene icon, those are beautiful shots of him!

  • Lewis - Somebody already mentioned this, but “unauthorised squish” made me smile.


Zack has been an inspiration for me since 2006, roughly the beginning of of my professional career.  I’ve always been fascinated with music, so music photographers hold a special place in my heart.  Jeremy Cowart, Annie Leibovitz, the late Jim Marshall, Mark Seliger, and Zack Arias, to name a few music photographers I love, bring two artistic mediums together in different ways, all of which speak to me as a person.

Zack teaches a lighting workshop and has a DVD called the OneLight, which is focused on off-camera lighting (my favorite way to shoot).  You’ll work with speedlights, Pocket Wizards, softboxes, umbrellas, and a number of other light modifiers.  You will also do some math.  Sorry, it’s just part of the process 🙂   I’ve wanted to attend this workshop for years, and 2010 was my year, I suppose.  I chose DC, and aside from a monster $187 ticket for being a single-occupant driver on a freeway, not a LANE, mind you… an entire freeway (like I could possibly know anything about that, thanks  a lot officer Sensitivity of the VAPD), it was a great workshop.  I’m pretty comfortable with lights already, although I admit I rarely use speedlights, it’s usually my Alienbees, so it was nice to gain speedlight experience with the modifiers I already use.  The math aspect was one that I was specifically interested in.  I hate math.  To quote Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush, “math is very much a part of  the Axis of Evil.”  I think the officer who decided an Oregonian didn’t deserve a warning about a violation he couldn’t possibly know about is also in the Axis of Evil.

To explain why I wanted the math aspect, I’ll step back 4 years or so.  I love natural light, but back in the day I loved natural light partially because I was scared of flashes, strobes, umbrellas, and all of the off-camera wizardry.  I din’t understand it, so therefor I loved natural light 🙂   Now, I still love natural light to this day, however; I feared strobes.  I decided I didn’t like avoiding something because I was afraid of it, that’s a foolish rationale, so I bought a Canon 430EX and an Alienbee 400 with a standard shoot-though umbrella.  Major fail.  I didn’t get it and I didn’t do it well… so I set it all aside for “a while.”  Like over a year “a while.”

Then I found Zack’s work.  I saw a Flickr photo with the tag under it “Screw you all, I still love jump shots.”  I instantly loved the photo and the photographer.  It was now 2008 and I started paying a lot of attention to people with lights, Zack in particular.  Fresh, clean, easy to understand lighting.  I tried my hand at lighting again.  This time I fell in love and have been using them more and more frequently ever since.  All because I decided not to be afraid of something and was willing to make some atrociously bad images until I felt comfortable.

Fast forward to why I want the math.  I don’t want to think about how to light, I just want to do it… I want it to be as second nature as aperture, ISO, and shutter speed are.  That’s the “why” behind wanting the OneLight DVD and workshop experience.  This July I got both, and I am so thankful – bucket list item, for sure.  Zack, and his talented wife Meghan, put on a legit program, not forgetting Zack’s right hand Dan, and I highly recommend it.  I’m still digesting the math, as it is my weakness, so we’ll see if I ever get to the place where it is second nature.

I’ll get to some pictures from the weekend.  Thanks, Zack and Meg – you’re some of my favorite people.

Zack demonstrated the techniques, then we implemented them.  Pretty simple, huh?

Dan gets lazy, but Zack shows him how to do it right.  We got turned loose to do our own thing, these are some of the images I came up with.


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  • Jeff Marsh - like

  • Rick Wenner - You got some great shots from this workshop Jay. I went to Zack’s workshop in Brooklyn last year and I had a great time too. Learned so much. Good work man

  • jayeads - thanks rick! it’s a good one, huh?

  • daronaliya - inspiring! i’ll admit that i’m scared to use strobes/etc also. perhaps i shall work on viewing off-camera lighting with curiosity rather than fear. 🙂

  • Paul Pratt - I went to a OneLight in 2009 and I went from confused to “lights on” in one day. You got some great shots from the workshop. I find the math part easy until I’m using 1/3 stop increments and I need to be 1/2 a stop brighter…too much for my brain to compute!

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  • Marina - awesome. your shots are GOOD.

  • Steve Elmer - THe 3rd last one is pretty killa dude 🙂

  • Sean Openshaw - I was on the fence about going to that workshop but had I known you were going to be there I might have tried a bit harder. Great shots. The tones in your images blow me away.

  • Nirav Patel - Looks like an awesome workshop and shots are jaytastic (not sure if that word will ever catch haha)! I’m scanning the country right now for some workshops to take. Will have to add this to the growing list. I’ll be broke but educated in no time (Just like college all over again). Hope your cold is but a distant memory now. Can’t wait to see more of what you do with the stuff you learned. Take care Jay.

  • Dan - Great stuff Jay! I really like the second to last shot.

  • jayeads - thanks dan! you guys were a blast… i wish i had more time to hang with you, but you know… i had a class and whatnot 🙂


I was driving home after shooting a wedding (another blog post for that soon) when I saw him. The banjo, the hat, the overalls… I knew I had to pull over and take his picture — if he would let me, of course.  Permission was definitely going to be in order, because I wanted to use my octobox, I saw the picture in my head before I ever got out of my truck.

Erik has been playing the banjo for 33 years, and it shows. His effortless picking was only outshone by his amazing handlebar mustache.  He told me that he loves shooting in front of The Kiva, a great little grocery in Eugene, because of the appreciation their customers show him.  I guess people who like good wine and good food also like good music.  I’m planning on doing more impromptu portraits here in town… bring on the Spring.


This shot was a special request by Erik.  Happy to oblige.


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  • BethanyAnne - Holly snap these are amazing. Especially #5!

    Love it!

  • BethanyAnne - Holly snap these are amazing. Especially #5!

    Love it!

  • Shari DeAngelo - I absolutely love every single image here, Jay. Exceptional series.

  • Lauren Hurt - Jay you are so cool, and so is this dude. These pictures make me want to start using lights, they’re just perfect!

  • Gina - Your portrait work really tells the story. Each photograph is fascinating imo. It’s such a treat to view your work!

  • jess - jay! don’t know how i missed this shoot but i love the mood, tones, etc. so beautiful. 🙂

  • Harvey - I just want to mention that I came to your site this morning (as I often do) for inspiration. This shoot continues to inspire me over and over and over again. I love how there are so many different takes on one man playing a banjo in the street. Each one impresses and inspires for a different reason.

    Thank you.

  • Nirav Patel - Incredible Jay. As everyone else has mentioned, you are truely an inspiration. If you’re ever in San Francisco shooting a wedding and need a second, or third, or fourth shooter, please let me know haha. I’ll work for peanut butter and possibly some jello. Seriously though, it would be an awesome priveledge to be able to work with you. Take care man.