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Time is a funny thing. Some days I review past jobs and envy my own creativity. It’s also easy to look back and have an overly critical view of your work, forgetting to take into account the learning curve. Sometimes it gives me additional perspective, and other times I find myself idealizing the past… the “good ole days syndrome.” I’ve decided it would be fun to go back through weddings past and start blogging them, like I do now. I anticipate experiencing all of the responses above, and maybe some new ones… who knows. It’s a learning exercise for myself, hoping to hone storytelling skills, look for images that are repeated too often, to just have a better awareness of what I do at weddings. Just some real talk folks. New Year, new outlook. That’s the plan 🙂

I love Tiffany and McKenzie’s wedding at the Scottish Rite Center in Portland. Seeing as how they are both artists, they went to great lengths to make their day unique, and just the way they wanted it… which is always the best. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, the music McKenzie composed for the wedding, even the way the ceremony was structured… everything was uniquely “them.” This includes the 5 and a half hours of portraits we did the day of, which any of you who know me get how much of a dream that is for me, personally. Enjoy their day, in all its unique glory.

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  • mary - so fabulous. i can’t even express how much i love these.

  • Kyle - Wow, this wedding looks like it was so awesome. I love the group shots.

  • Debbie Mayes - So creative and beautiful – they look like a really fun couple! As always, I love your work 😉

  • kong wai - Beautiful !! fantastic storytelling

  • nirav - Unbelievable dude. This set is awesome my friend!

  • Lucie Zeka - so creative.


Someday I’ll find a reason to do a blog with more purpose. I’ll make an entry that is deeply personal, with a message I have to get off my chest – but not tonight. Image bomb time…




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  • Brett - Love, love, love it. Awesome work dude.

  • jeff marsh - dude. incredibly and inspiring work. you never disappoint. you dont need to use words to make a movement.

  • Rachel Absher - Jay, that first image, WOW! Stunning. Love your work.

  • Shelley - What have you been working on lately? Please share. Thank you.

  • jayeads - i’ll do that now 🙂 thanks for the nudge!

  • rk - Your shots of street people kill me. Beauty where most people miss it.