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Is the end of the world near?  Has Hell has frozen over?  I’m beginning to develop a real love for family sessions… quite a bit, actually.  I never thought that would happen, though I’m thankful.  Someone asked me recently why it is that they family sessions – all I can come up with is that I’ve switched to doing them the same way I would approach any other session.  In all honesty, there was always an internal pressure to do the typical family session types of shots.  The dreaded, boring, awkward classics.  I still want people to get images that have personality and show love, just through the filter of the way I would like my own family pictures to look. (which by the way, Lauren Hurt took and are fabulous)  Also, in case you’re wondering… Ike is a biology teacher, so the random picture of a bumblebee is perfect for him.  He stopped, mid-session, to check this tired old bee out.

So lookout, world.  Moody Jay Eads wants to shoot your family 🙂

PS – Go Ducks


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  • Matt Ferrell - Nice! Keep doing them, very nice skin tones

  • Ike Sanderson - We had a blast, Jay! You do such great work!

  • Jolynn - So many wonderful shots! And I love that they chose to wear blue and brown. It’s definitely one of my favorite color combinations! 🙂


A message came in from a bride of mine who is expecting her first baby, so we’re planning a maternity session.  Seniors of mine are becoming brides of mine.  One person has been in four of the weddings I’ve done recently, either as a bridesmaid or the bride.  Sisters.  Entire families.  Cousins.  Adoption celebrations.  Memorial images.  Before I break into Elton John’s “The Circle of Life” or “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” – hmmm, why the Lion King theme?

I shot Mary-Anne’s wedding.  I took her bother’s senior pictures.  I took a few 1 year anniversary shots for Mary-Anne and her husband, Connor.  We finished this 3-generation shoot, recently.  I am a quiet, private person, however; personal investment in the lives and loves of my clients is just about the best part of this job.  Not only does it show the clients’ satisfaction and willingness to hire me again (surface but important), it shows a developing trust that can extend for years (deep).  I feel like these ladies speak volumes about the strength, love, and personalities they possess… so I’ll let them do just that.  Some film, some digital.  All family.


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  • Eric Krebs - These are awesome, a classy collection that captures each of them and all of them at the same time. Well done Jay… Cheers!

  • Maddie E. - These are absolutely beautiful. These women will cherish these forever!! Wonderful job!

  • Jared Tseng - So in love with this shoot. What a special session to be a part of.

  • Steve Elmer - This is a very special shoot/post Jay. Very stirring 😉

  • Heather Elizabeth - These are so stunning, Jay. I love your mixture of film and digital. That hands photograph still gives me chills.

    Amazing work.


100 foot oaks, the McKenzie river, flowing fields, people who love each other… beautiful is the best word I could come up with to describe the shoot.  Kelly and Brandon have an adorable family, and an even more adorable way with their kids.  I appreciate good parenting in a much deeper way ever since I became a parent myself.  Calm, patient, loving… it takes work to keep that up in real life, not to mention at a family shoot (note previous family shoot scars in tone of type).  But, this was my kind of family shoot; great people, amazing location, the request for fun and not overly pose-y, oh, and she wants all black & white.  Yes please, and thank you.

Brandon works for the electrical vendor I contracted with at my previous job, and if you have work to be done, do yourself a favor and call New Way Electric first.  There’s a very good reason they were on the short list of my “favorite vendors” for over 10 years.

I’m sure I will post more of the session later, but for now, just try to resist the perfectly messy curls.  I dare you.


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  • Rensche Mari - Stunning family, and beautiful photos. Love the ones of the kiddies in the beginning 🙂

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  • jan - These are gorgeous. love the personality you captured in these. Very artistic as well.

  • andrea - jay. these are phenomenal.

  • Steve Elmer - Dude, the second last one is a standout one for me… mega win!

  • Emma - LOVE them!
    I would love family pics like that!

  • Beth - Dude! you are so good! <3 every image has so much to tell!

  • Elizabeth Salib - I tried to choose a favourite but it was sooo hard. These are probably some of my favourite pictures of yours taken ever. I really like the one with the sister and the brother, where the brother is hugging her, the best, though. So crazy perfect, not that any other one is any less perfect. Gorgeous family and I love these shots. Glad you were begging for comments on Facebook or else I wouldn’t have seen these.

  • Melinda - These are really awesome Jay. I keep trying to pick out a favorite so I can tell you which I like the best and it is so hard! I think I’m going to have to go with the little girl running though. I love your composition and how you’ve conveyed motion in that one with the blurry background and her face in great focus. I love that it reminds me of running barefoot through the grass. Thanks for the photographic inspiration.

  • Drew W - Awesome work, Jay. I love the up close, wide shots in this set.

  • daronaliya - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. that little girl is just out-of-control-adorable

  • jess - These are STUNNING Jay. Wow.My fave is the little girl with the wind blowing her hair and holding her brother’s hand. So good.