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What a blast of a couple. Genuine, funny, and clearly in love… these two know how to make my job easy. Shooting at Foss Waterway Seaport with all that Huskies-grade-purple was the only challenge… but I wore Oregon Ducks socks to counteract the bad juju 😉  Thanks to the ever talented Jeramie Shoda for shooting with me.

A few of my favorite things from Lindsey and Drew’s wedding:

  • The bridesmaid gushing over how emotional the guys were while getting ready (they were watching the ESPYs… classic misdirection)
  • The equal amount of laughter and tears, perfectly balanced
  • Finally meeting Jeramie in person and shooting with him
  • Leaving in a classic Rolls? They win at weddinging

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  • Drew Westerfield - I love these pictures so much. thank you for capturing the night so perfectly! you are a minor deity.

  • Maureen Nelson - Hi Drew and Lindsey, These are wonderful pictures. thank you so much for sharing them with me. Best Wishes and a very Happy Holiday Season. Love, Maureen