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A little bit country, a little bit rock n roll. That’s what the song says. After spending a good deal of time with Mary and Lawrence, I think it’s an appropriate description for these two, but not in a cheesy Osmonds kind of way. No, in a down-home, unbelievable connection to each other, I’m gonna love you forever and ever, amen kind of way.

There are so many moments throughout this wedding that I’ll carry with me. Some of the images might not mean as much to those of you who weren’t there, so I will point a few out. The mom scrubbing a stain out of a bridesmaid dress before the day started, demonstrating the sacrificial servanthood mothers show on a daily basis. The lost loved one, memorialized in a locket on her bouquet. The reassurance and steady presence of dad, when the pressure of the day becomes a reality. The church, celebrating 100 years. So many moments remembered… that’s the holy grail when I go through my weddings. If I remember them, I know they will, too, even as they share with their future grand kids. Forever and ever, amen.


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  • Igor Demba - So much goodness Jay!

  • anderson - sick. that shot of her in the hotel room is awesome.

  • Alberto - Lovely, lovely work! Thanks for sharing.


When you shoot weddings, you come to appreciate the ringers on the reception floor. You know, the die-hards, the dependably fun wedding attendees who can always be counted on to deliver the party. A dead dance floor does not photograph well. This is where I first came to develop my gratefulness for Allie. Year after year, this girl came to my weddings and brought her dance moves with her. I imagine everyone who knows her is well acquainted with the smiles and the laughter. I can only hope her huge personality comes through in the images.

Aaron and Allie are perfect together. They compliment each other in the areas they are not similar. They laugh at each other’s jokes. The engagement session was perfect. We had a great break in the weather, and even got kicked out of a church-owned park (we just win like that). Their wedding day was just as perfect. Gorgeous venue, amazing weather, hilarious and moving ceremony, great party. I can’t thank them enough for having me… and I think I should just stop typing and let you smile along with Allie.

DISCLAIMER: with no apologies, I included both of my kids in this post. That’s just the way it is. You know there’s a good connection with the couple when your wife and kids get invited to spend the weekend at the resort.

portland oregon engagement sessionashland oregon wedding photography

VENUE – Box R Ranch

EVENT COORDINATION – Mindi Boyden and Leslie Antley

FLOWERS – Mindi Boyden and Leanna Inman

CEREMONY – Dave Mertz

HOTEL – Greensprings Inn, Box R Ranch, Pinehurst Inn, and Hyatt Lake Cabins

MAKE UP – Stacy Ransom, Mary Kay Consultant

HAIR – Christi Dixson

CAKE – Jeremiah and Brianna Bridges, Christi Dixson

CAKE TOPPER – Winfield Designs

LIVE MUSIC – Mathew Loyd, Josh Lee, and Josh Harman

COMMUNION MUSIC – Jeff and Amy Weinkauf



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  • Kaarin - Love it. Especially that little series of him putting on his shirt > vest > jacket. <3

  • Alan Thomas - These are some really great shots 🙂 Well done Jay 🙂

  • Kaitlin Moreno - Beautiful Jay. What a venue! The tones in these images are great.

  • Yee - Phenomenal, good sir, simply phenomenal.

  • cassy berry - these are so lovely!! I love her boots a lot 🙂 i love the location too!

  • Brett - All kinds of amazing in this post. Nice work!

  • Ashley Forrette - Just so beautiful. I love your work.

  • Rose - Hello I am wondering where the pictures were taken in the beginning? in the green meadow with flowing trees… are those pictures from BoxR ranch as well?
    thank you very much!

  • jayeads - hey there! the engagement session pictures were in portland, actually.