Monthly Archives: August 2011


In between  editing weddings and bridal consults, I thought I would go ahead and blog some of them. It’s been a while, but you have to admire my consistent inconsistency.




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  • Drew W - Dude this is super high end work, Jay! Amazing frames bro!

  • Mathias Cederholm - Great stuff!

    I just recently found out about you so I would like to tell you I’m impressed by your work!
    It’s inspiring to watch what you are doing to get ideas for my new business.

    Keep it coming!

  • Cameron Braun - Standing on office chairs is SO sketchy.

    I’d say hiring you is not.

  • Sarah - These are all so amazing, but the older couple at the courthouse is just the sweetest thing ever. Love it.

  • kent reichert - freakin’ awesome stuff. I check back every few months and learn something every time. great.

  • Shelley - I just have to say Mr. Jay Eads, you are my favorite. Love your work!

  • Rene Benkjer - Love your images. But especially your willingness to help new photographers. Thanks.

  • jayeads - thanks!!!!!! happy to help whenever i can 🙂

  • jayeads - dang, thanks 🙂

  • Brian Terry - Love the work Jay, BT

  • Ste - love your style Jay, great work. I will surely be popping back here for some inspiration.

  • bryllupsfotografen - wow !!! Amazing work!! Such a inspiration for a amateur photography as me. Greetings from Denmark

  • jayeads - thanks! denmark, huh… this should be right up your alley 🙂