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Someday I’ll find a reason to do a blog with more purpose. I’ll make an entry that is deeply personal, with a message I have to get off my chest – but not tonight. Image bomb time…




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  • Brett - Love, love, love it. Awesome work dude.

  • jeff marsh - dude. incredibly and inspiring work. you never disappoint. you dont need to use words to make a movement.

  • Rachel Absher - Jay, that first image, WOW! Stunning. Love your work.

  • Shelley - What have you been working on lately? Please share. Thank you.

  • jayeads - i’ll do that now 🙂 thanks for the nudge!

  • rk - Your shots of street people kill me. Beauty where most people miss it.


more of the same, this time all on illford delta 3200 b&w film.


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  • greg nissen - mmm film grain 🙂 Amazing shots as always, Mr. Eads.

  • Tweets that mention window light on film | Jay Eads Photography -- - […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nathan Walker. Nathan Walker said: RT @jayeads: PART 2 of my window light series, this time, all illford delta 3200 b&w film. […]

  • Steve Elmer - Dude, I am just mesmerised by both the film and digital versions of this shoot. THis is 11/10 work 😉

  • Paul - Seriously killed it with these in digital and film. Third shot down is incredible.

    Do you develop your own negs or were these done by a lab?

  • jayeads - thanks, i really appreciate the feedback!! seems like i always get the biggest positive reaction to my personal work. hmmm… how to make that pay bills?? 🙂

    paul, i have a lab do it. i wish i did my own, but, alas… time and $

  • Lisa Hessel - These are seriously lovely. The close up shots are so intimate and heavy with meaning. love it.

  • Nirav - Looks awesome Jay! Was this with the EOS 3?

  • Brian Davis - Beautiful shots!

  • Heather Elizabeth - Oh Jay these are beautiful. I actually do love the film more than digital. and that’s saying a lot because the digital was pretty amazing.

  • Julie Freeman - I love your work. This is a stunning shoot. You make me miss my old dark room days! I just shot your sister in laws family Julie and she sent me to your site. I’m so happy she did it was really fun to browse your work. I can’t wait to see more.

  • jayeads - thanks julie! i blog every so often… you’ll get more out of my tumblr 🙂

  • Richard McDowell - Beautiful work Jay. There is simply something magical about film.

  • jayeads - thanks rich, that means a lot. and i couldn’t agree more about film.

  • devin palmer - this set is off the charts.


I know.  There are repeated themes, similar shots, it’s all window light.  It’s personal work… it doesn’t have to be groundbreaking 🙂  I can’t thank Kyleigh and Hannah enough for some much needed personal work.  PART TWO – B&W FILM FROM THE DAY.



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  • Steve Elmer - Seriously!?! Dude, this post has got me stoked, inspired and frothin! So classy dude, awesome stuff 🙂

  • Stephen Jackson - I got chills lookin’ at these. Not sure I’ve ever stared at another’s work for so long – I can’t take my eyes off of them. Can I see in your brain for 5 minutes please? 🙂

  • Paul - Great pictures. Seriously fantastic.

  • simon - all amazing but LOVE the jump shot / levitation shot!!

  • tara leigh - your exposures are always so perfect.
    this series… fantastico.

  • SeanC - Dang, dude. Nice.

  • Stephen - Great stuff Jay. Love the mood.