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Hey – it’s a bunch of pretty leaves, how much explanation is needed?


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  • Marina - Leafographer for life!

    Great photos!

  • greg nissen - beautiful! Great post Jay

  • Josh Tilton - Thank you for this post. I’m from the East Coast originally and really missed those wonderful reds this year in Colorado. Not to spam, but there are a few of my fall shots here that you may enjoy:

    Great shots!

  • jayeads - thanks guys – i do love fall.

    josh, thanks for sharing. there are some seriously beautiful shots in there

  • Jay Eads - Wonderful shots of Autumn! From a native Oregonian who shares your name, your shots were a wonderful shot of my favorite season. Your work is inspiring.


  • jayeads - wow… i feel like i’m talking to myself, but thanks 🙂 glad i could remind you of home!

  • stephen - love these. I’d print one of those HUGE for my house if I were you! like 20 x 30 or bigger…


Is the end of the world near?  Has Hell has frozen over?  I’m beginning to develop a real love for family sessions… quite a bit, actually.  I never thought that would happen, though I’m thankful.  Someone asked me recently why it is that they family sessions – all I can come up with is that I’ve switched to doing them the same way I would approach any other session.  In all honesty, there was always an internal pressure to do the typical family session types of shots.  The dreaded, boring, awkward classics.  I still want people to get images that have personality and show love, just through the filter of the way I would like my own family pictures to look. (which by the way, Lauren Hurt took and are fabulous)  Also, in case you’re wondering… Ike is a biology teacher, so the random picture of a bumblebee is perfect for him.  He stopped, mid-session, to check this tired old bee out.

So lookout, world.  Moody Jay Eads wants to shoot your family 🙂

PS – Go Ducks


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  • Matt Ferrell - Nice! Keep doing them, very nice skin tones

  • Ike Sanderson - We had a blast, Jay! You do such great work!

  • Jolynn - So many wonderful shots! And I love that they chose to wear blue and brown. It’s definitely one of my favorite color combinations! 🙂