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I have been anxious to blog about this session, but I had to wait until the prints were delivered… this was a surprise session.  This shoot with Lauren is one of two surprise sessions I have to blog about in the coming weeks.

Lauren wanted something nice to give her boyfriend for their one-year anniversary, and his request was for some nice pictures of her that he could have… and can I say I am pretty happy that was his choice?  She wanted a location that felt very “them,” and that meant one thing.  Camp Harlow.  They have both spent time at the camp, and it is full of interesting locations and variety of “looks.”  If you have kids, or are high school aged, you should look into Harlow… it really is a blast.

One of my brides, Krista,  joined us on the shoot, partly because they are friends, and partly because I do not shoot alone with girls/women.  It’s just a good practice to have in place to protect yourself, but also to protect the reputation of your subject.  Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you want, it’s just what I do.  Getting back to the shoot – you may have seen Krista on my website before… look here for a reminder.

Krista and Lauren are quite the fun pair, Lauren has a very fun personality, and Harlow is nothing but fun.  Hopefully the fun shows in the images.  I had a great time shooting them, and thankfully, the boyfriend loved them, so, double bonus.


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  • Dorothy - wow love that you have another lady come along on your shoots! props 🙂 these are breathtaking

  • Harvey - Loving this set Jay, especially the purple shirt ones, and the one sitting in water. I also can say I follow that same practice, never shooting a lady alone.

  • Mike - great session man!!

  • heather elizabeth - the 4th one is my fav. LOVE the look on her face. she is such a great model 🙂 amazing work again!

  • kiran - Jay, I love the close-up with the sun coming through the tree. POETIC.

  • benj haisch - that shot with the sunflare really is insane!

  • O E I L - gosh! gorgeous

  • Amy - beautiful work! i love the first one and the sun flare shots are breath taking!

  • Anne nunn photographers - LOVE the bubble gum pic! But really, I LOVE all of them! 🙂

  • shipra - ummm…….Gorgeous!!!
    I’m sure the boyfriend fell over with delight with these photographs.
    And hey, I like your stance on not shooting alone with women. It says you have integrity. I would want my daughter to be treated with that kind of respect so high 5’s on that one from me.