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Seriously, I have no words for this session – definitely top 3 ever.  I’ll do my best to say something productive.

I work very hard to try and match the mood of the pictures I take/make to the personality and demeanor of the people I work with.  In this case, we both share the same saturnine personality, with plenty of good humor to balance it out.  Yes, she smiles.  Yes I take pictures of people smiling.  You’ll just have to trust me on that one, because you aren’t going to see much of it here… but we all had a blast. A happy blast.

This senior session speaks for itself, I think, and the longer I type, the more I will screw up what MacKenzie has to say.  {Jay shuts up}


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  • Ryan - Dude, MONEY! Some sick photos, man!

  • oeil - holy bageebies…. lovely light fantastic images. your leibovitz obsession is paying off!!!!!

  • Paul - I like all of these. My favourites are number 1, 3 & 5.

    If I ever take a shot as good as the first one I’ll be very happy.

    Great work.

  • scotty - o
    so rad

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  • Gene - amazing jay

  • Kylie Danielson - My oh my. Stunning.

  • Eliza Claire - Stunning. I’d have killed for images like this when I was a teenager.

  • dustin steller - sucked the breath outta my lungs… absolutely, supremely so. Way to rock it, bud. Be proud.

    MacKenzie – I hope you’re stoked. I would be. 🙂

  • Debbie - Jay…I LOVE this! I seriously can’t pick a favorite, they are so simple, yet so different. Great work 😉

  • rosie - That first one is totally captivating!! love your use of light .. brilliant!

  • jayeads - thank you rosie!!

  • jayeads - i really can’t express how much these images define who i want to be as a photographer. “beyond appreciative” is the closest i can get to conveying my thanks!

    i have more coming… i could seriously post 50 images from this session.

  • Mom - Jay,
    I just wanted to say that you have done a lovely job a capturing my daughter and her nature. Beautiful work.

    Mackenzie’s mom :~)

  • mackenzie sky - believe me, i’m very happy with these photographs. they are more than i could have ever asked for or imagined. jay is wonderful [:

  • jayeads - well those two comments are more than i could ask for… i put this session in the WIN column!

  • Harvey - Hey Jay,

    As always you inspire me to create, I love this post soo much I think you captured her well and it’s one of my favorite pieces of your work.

    Terrific! Can’t WAIT to see what’s next from you.


I really enjoy unusual portraits.  I realize they will probably never see the light of day if I don’t post them here, much less grace the walls of the senior’s house.  I am just fine with that.  It’s all part of the experience of their session, it forces me to think creatively and it keeps us all entertained.  Win, win (win).


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  • Carrie Hasson - I don’t think they’re unusual, does that make me odd? I actually love them and could see them all hung on the wall. That first shot, his eyes look like the bokeh-it’s a fave. And that 3rd shot, it has to be one of the most unique, organic shots of a dancer ever. Beautiful

  • Amanda K - Jay! These are fantastic!! Are you rockin that one-light?? Really creative work. That dancer shot is my FAVE!

  • jayeads - thanks amanda! yeah, i usually use one light, mostly because it’s easier to carry one and not two 🙂 i have a ton of shots from veronika’s dance series… i want to post them A L L.

  • jayeads - carrie… i’m glad it isn’t just me!

  • Alex Workman - I really like the way you think “outside the box.” It is refreshing. Keep ’em coming…


Here’s a preview to a wedding with the most pleasantly pleasant weather ever.   Mike and Kelli are a very laid back couple, so it only made sense that the weather and location fit perfectly.  Fall colors, slow, rolling river, 70 degrees, it truly was about as perfect as it gets for Oregon in the fall.  Their wedding date was surrounded by rain, which gave everything a clean feeling, and the bright sunny skies reminded me why I love Autumn so much.

A small, intimate ceremony lends itself to shots you normally can’t pull off as a photographer… I have lots of those I am excited to share, but, for now I have included a shot of the entire crowd: family, guests, right on down to the bride and groom themselves.

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  • Eliza Claire - That very first kiss shot – awesome!

    Beautiful work.